Masango Shin Min-woo “I will become a catcher with long hitting power” [The 10th National High School Baseball Championship]

Hit, run, throw, catch. These are the most basic movements that come to mind when thinking of baseball, but it is not easy to do all of them well. There is a high possibility that he will become a good player even if he excels in one or two things. On the third day of the 10th National Prestigious High School Baseball Championship, in the last game of Group B in the preliminaries, Masango catcher Shin Min-woo led the team’s victory by showing off his good hitting, running, throwing, and catchers.

Masan High School, which faced Gyeongnam High School that day, won 6-2 based on the harmony of pitching. Shin Min-woo, who played as the starting catcher, scored the first run in the attack at the end of the second inning with a big double that exceeded the height of the left fielder against Gyeongnam High School ace Park Si-won.

At the end of the 4th inning, Masan High School escaped another run with Park Se-heon’s solo homer, and Lee Jeong-yoon and Shin Min-woo’s follow-up doubles widened the gap to 3-0. With Shin Min-woo’s double in his second at-bat, the Gyeongnam High School starting pitcher had to come off the mound.

Shin Min-woo said, “I usually focus on contact rather than swinging hard when hitting, but it seems to have worked out well today.” It feels good,” he said.

As the master of the home, he was also active in defense. In the beginning of the 5th inning, when Gyeongnam High School had a chance to run 1st and 3rd with 2 outs, the scene where Shin Min-woo prevented the runner on 1st from stealing 2nd base with a strong throw was definitely the highlight. Shin Min-woo, who said, “I have confidence in my shoulders,” mainly played as a designated hitter last year, but he expressed his desire to become a catcher this year.메이저놀이터

At the end of the 6th inning, although he did not get a hit, he succeeded in shaking the battery of Gyeongnam High School with a surprise steal of second base. Regarding the situation at the time, Shin Min-woo smiled a little, saying, “I’m not fast on my feet, but I got a hit and run sign and ran, but I was lucky because the throw missed.” Shin Min-woo’s hustle play, which showed fighting spirit while sliding head-first, unfortunately left the base behind due to a missed follow-up, but it was enough to fuel the desire for victory in his teammates.

Ahead of the full-scale season opening, Shin Min-woo said, “As a catcher, defense is the most important position above all else, so I will try to have a more stable defense.” I want to draw a lot,” he said, expressing his aspirations.

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