Manchester City ‘Big Star’ Confident of Recruitment…Preferred to transfer to EPL

Jamal Mussiala (21) of Bayern Munich, Germany’s top star, is drawing attention from Manchester City. Manchester City is one of the big clubs that wants Mussiala and is reportedly the most advanced in the recruitment battle. As Mussiala has not expressed a firm intention to renew his contract, other clubs have strong confidence that he will move this summer or next summer.

The British media “The Independent” reported on the 11th (Korea Standard Time) that “Manchester City is one of the major clubs considering recruiting Mussiala and is ahead of its rivals. Mussiala’s contract is valid until 2026, but so far he has not shown any intention of extending the contract. Among other clubs, there has been a belief that Mussiala will be available this summer or next summer.”

Manchester City under Josep Guardiola (53) of Spain has made plans to add new players for the second term this summer. As Kevin De Bruyne (32), the ace, is in his mid-30s soon, Manchester City is in urgent need of a player to replace him. They have included Lucas Paqueta (26, West Ham) and Michael Ollis (22, Crystal Palace) as candidates for young attacking players who have been proven in the Premier League.

In addition, the name of Mussiala has been added. Having been reborn as Bayern Munich’s ace player since last season, Mussiala has been praised for his outstanding performance despite sluggish performances in his team in this season. Along with Harry Kane (30), he played his part in the offensive team, building Bayern Munich’s last pride. This season, Mussiala had 12 goals and seven assists in 34 official matches, and achieved double-digit goals in the league.

The future of Mussiala, whose contract with Bayern Munich will be narrowed to less than two years this summer, is uncertain. Bayern Munich is hoping to renew its contract with Mussiala, but Mussiala did not signal a renewal. In this situation, European powers such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and others all courted the player. 여우알바

In particular, Manchester City showed strong interest. However, even Manchester City, which can invest a huge amount of capital, cannot afford Mussiala’s unreasonable ransom. According to ‘Transfermarkt’, a website specializing in the transfer market, Mussiala is worth 110 million euros. This is close to the 117.5 million euros transfer fee when Manchester City hired Jack Grealish (28) in 2021.

The Independent saw that Manchester City needed considerable bleeding to win the Mussiala recruitment match. At the same time, it also said that Mussiala prefers to move to the Premier League. “In order to recruit Mussiala, we will need to sell another famous player,” the media outlet said. “Mussiala grew up in London, so it is known that she prefers the Premier League as her next destination.”

Mussiala, a German national team player, moved to Bayern Munich in 2019 after growing up with youth teams in Southampton and Chelsea. He can play various roles including winger, attacking midfielder and center midfielder. With solid basic skills and stable balance, Mussiala is also good at dribbling under strong pressure from opponents.

From the 2022-23 season, when he secured his starting position, his ability to produce offensive points has also grown significantly. Last season, Mussiala led his team to the German Bundesliga by accumulating 16 goals and 13 assists in 47 official matches. In the last game of the league, Mussiala scored a dramatic winning goal, which Bayern Munich beat Dortmund to maintain its Bundesliga title.

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