Manager Cho Dong-hyun, who can even finish second, “I hope the players will do it until the end…”

 Coach Dong-Hyun Cho will face off against twin brothers at the end of the season.

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis will play the last game of the regular season against 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Changwon LG at Changwon Gymnasium on the 29th. The last game of the season is the last match between the coaches of the twin brothers in the regular league.

The ranking of Hyundai Mobis has not yet been decided, and the possibility of a second place, which can go directly to the playoff semifinals, remains. In order for Hyundai Mobis to go directly to the playoff semifinals, it will be possible if LG wins by more than 19 points and Seoul SK loses to Wonju DB.

It may be a tough game, but they are continuing their 7th consecutive win and 5th away win in a row, and Jang Jae-seok and Lee Woo-seok also return from injuries and add strength to the team. However, this season, Hyundai Mobis has never had a victory with a score difference of more than 19 points. Rather than rising in the rankings, it is more important to greet the playoffs after finishing Jeong-gyu-ri with a winning streak until the end. 

Coach Dong-Hyun Cho of Hyundai Mobis

I told the players to play until the end as it was the last game without any comfort in preparing for the game. The results are all over and received, and now I want to continue my performance and finish with good results.

Q. Is there any change in playing time for Ham Ji-hoon and Jang Jae-seok?
I plan to look at the situation and make adjustments. We did well in the 5th round matchup (with LG), but there were difficulties in the high-low game because there were no two big men. If I could come up with one more offensive option, I’m thinking of an option at the number 4 (power forward) position.

Q. Cunningham’s performance is deteriorating, and Marey-oriented attacks are expected.
The main axis of LG is Marey and Heejae. In the 4th round face-to-face confrontation, Jang Jae-seok attacked Hee-jae with a post-up. It was important to come out in the 4th quarter when the goal was needed. If I can continue that part today, I plan to continue.

Q. Seo Myung-Jin’s outside support is the main thing.
I told Seo Myung-jin to do a handoff. If the dribble is long, there is a part that gets hit by the LG defense, so I told them to go aggressive after the handoff. LG’s defense is strong, so if you start throwing from the outside, you lose.카지노 That’s why I think it’s more effective if you attack deep inside. Finishing a layup from the inside can draw Marey’s attention and create a rebound opportunity. So I ordered to go inside. When KCC beat LG, they attacked the paint zone more. LG is also a team with strong defense. LG is the team that throws from the outskirts and goes out fast after the rebound. So you have to attack the inside to be a winning game.

*Best 5
Hyundai Mobis: Seo Myung-jin Avarientos Kim Young-hyun Choi Jin-soo Prim
LG: Lee Jae-do Yoon Won-sang Lee Kwan-hee Jung Hee-jae Marey

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