Man United is weird… Ten Hagh, ‘long-term contract with an annual salary of 20 billion won’ red light

It may be too hasty a judgment. Manchester United knocks on the calculator again.

Recently, Manchester United’s performance has been unusual. It’s hard to win one game, and the content of the game is more serious.

Even just after Cristiano Ronaldo left last November, Manchester United was the hottest team in the Premier League. With Marcus Rashford, the new main striker, at the center, coach Eric Ten Haag’s leadership was fully demonstrated.

Results came quickly. They won the League Cup this year and finished third in the Premier League. Manchester United were looking to give manager Ten Haag a big deal at the end of the season.

The British media’The Sun’ said on the 2nd (Korean time), “Man Utd will sign a super-large long-term contract with Ten Hag this summer with an annual salary of 12 million pounds (about 20 billion won) until 2028. Manager Ten Hag’s current salary It is a whopping 3 million pounds (approximately 5 billion won) higher than the amount. It has a strong rewarding nature for successfully completing the first season as Manchester United manager.”

Manager Ten Haag has changed the nature of Manchester United, which has been swayed by a few star players. An example is the termination of the contract with Ronaldo.

I sent a message to everyone that the team is more important than the players. Here, former manager Alex Ferguson, who is still influential at Manchester United, also actively supported Ten Hag.

However, after the match against Liverpool on March 6, the atmosphere suddenly froze. Manchester United lost 7-0 to Liverpool. It was the largest margin of defeat against Liverpool in Manchester United’s history. Including this game, there is no win in 3 consecutive Premier League matches.

In the match against Newcastle United on the 3rd, they lost 0-2. The ranking went down from 4th to 3rd in the league. They are only 1 point behind 5th place Tottenham. Now, I cannot be optimistic about a major contract after the season.

Favorable public opinion towards Ten Haag will also turn its back if Manchester United are pushed out of fourth place and do not qualify for the UEFA Champions League next season. Also, Manchester United is likely to change its owner this summer.메이저사이트 It means anything can happen, as Chelsea’s new owner, Todd Boelli, sacked Thomas Tuchel from the managerial job last season.

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