Lim Young-woong, who realized the ‘hero power’… 45,000 people gathered and the K-League was also ‘nice’

I could clearly feel the power of Lim Young-woong, who has emerged as a national singer, not at the concert hall but at the soccer stadium.

45,007 cloud spectators gathered at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 8th, where the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 6th round match between FC Seoul and Daegu FC was held.

As singer Lim Young-woong’s time celebration event was announced, it sold out quickly on the day ticket reservations for the game began. In response to the above-expected response, the Seoul club hurriedly opened the cheering seats on the 3rd floor to allow as many fans as possible to visit the stadium.

As expected, the stadium was filled with crowds long before the start of the match. There were many middle-aged Lim Young-woong fans who were unfamiliar with watching the K-League. There were concerns about safety accidents as more than 40,000 people gathered, but the game proceeded without incident as Lim Young-woong requested that they follow the soccer viewing culture through the fan cafe.

As predicted before the start of the game, when Lim Young-woong appeared on the ground to celebrate, the stadium erupted with loud cheers, reminiscent of a national team A match. At the suggestion of Lim Young-woong, a performance was also held at halftime following the poetry celebration.

When Lim Young-woong got back on the pitch and started performing, the stadium was reminiscent of a concert hall. While Lim Young-woong sang two songs, the heat shown by 45,000 spectators made me forget the chilly weather for a while.

After the city celebration and performance event, Young-woong Lim and the fans who supported him watched the game from the spectators’ seats and showed their appreciation for the mature citizenship.메이저사이트 According to a Seoul official, the members of Im Young-woong’s fan club ‘Heroic Age’ cleaned up the trash and left the stadium, leaving behind good looks until the end.

In this way, a public figure with a lot of interest in soccer attracted crowds and even had an economic ripple effect, leaving a positive precedent in the K-League beyond the club.

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