LG without Jung Woo-young & Ko Woo-seok, Kiwoom without Lee Jung-hoo? Rain canceled → AG period… The biggest variable at the end of the season

 Right now, it can be a honey-like break. However, at the moment of fierce competition for rankings at the end of the season, there may be no ace, pilseungjo, finisher, or leading hitter.

Due to repeated heavy rains reminiscent of the rainy season, the number of canceled matches is increasing every day. On the 4th, Changwon LG-NC and Gwangju Lotte KIA were the starting points.

On the 5th and 6th, which were the children’s day holiday weeks, four games were canceled for two consecutive days, except for the SSG-Kiwoom match held at Gocheok Dome.

The scene is in tears as the repeated rainstorms during the Children’s Day holiday week, which were supposed to be a hit, were canceled due to repeated rain. As the Children’s Day game, one of the biggest festivals of the regular season, was not held, all the events that each club had worked hard to prepare went to nothing.

If you look at it from the perspective of luck out of misfortune, some see it as a time to breathe at least in a season that has been running fast for a month. While there are concerns about the sense of the game due to repeated cancellations, it is true that the remaining players were burdened when recalling April of this year, when there were a lot of injured players.

However, each canceled game in the rain has the potential to determine the fate of each team depending on the organization of the remaining games at the end of the season. This is because the KBO League will be held without interruption during the call-up period for the Hangzhou Asian Games, which begins in September this year. Baseball events will be held from October 1 to 7, and the national team will be convened in September to start training in Korea.

The Asian Games is a stage with a lower threshold to win compared to the Olympics or the WBC (World Baseball Classic). Japan has traditionally built a national team centered on business baseball, and Taiwan also does not feature its best members.

It is a much more important event compared to other countries because Korean athletes receive military service benefits in the event of a gold medal. For this reason, since the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok, in which Park Chan-ho participated, Korea has sent the most elite national team, including major leaguers, if possible. As it is held during the season, it is also a plus that the condition of the players has improved.

As a result, they have won five of the last six Asian Games. Korea is also the strongest contender for the championship in Hangzhou. It is also an advantage that the home team, China, is not among the favorites for the championship.스포츠토토

However, there are certainly slippery experiences, such as the ‘Doha Disaster (2006)’. Although they clamored for a generational change, limiting the age of 25 and under 4 years of debut, and limiting the number of wild cards to 3. Among the 24 players, the best players are selected. Key players representing each team will leave the team during the season. The baseball world’s point of view is that it is advantageous to play as many games as possible now without canceling rain.

The officially confirmed KBO game schedule is until September 10th. Since then, only 50 unscheduled games remain. If the rainy weather cancellation of the number of games is added to this, it will inevitably overlap with the national team schedule.

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