Lee Min-ah challenges her ‘World Cup dream’ with the support of her husband

Minah Lee, the midfielder of the women’s national soccer team, is in the final stage of rehabilitation with the dream of participating in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in July.

The day after tomorrow, a special guest made a surprise visit to her training ground to cheer Lee Min-ah ahead of the couple’s day.토스카지노

Minah Lee, who suffered an injury to her left knee at the end of last year, is in the final stage of her rehabilitation.

In July, a special guest came to Lee Min-ah, who is holding her dream of competing in the Women’s World Cup.

Her husband is Lee Woo-hyuk, a professional soccer player.

[Choi Yu-ri: “What is it? Unni, get up quickly and take it.”]

[ Lee

Min-a: “What?


[“Kiss me! Kiss me!”]

[Lee Min-ah: “Thank you. I’ll work hard.”]

[“Congratulations on returning to the team.”]

[Choi Yu-ri/Incheon Hyundai Steel: “I hope my husband will come like this later and give me a bouquet of flowers.” . Brother-in-law, please take care of Mina unnie.”]

[Jang Seul-gi/Incheon Hyundai Steel : “If you want a boyfriend like your brother-in-law later, please contact me.”

[Lee Woo-hyuk/Lee Min-ah’s husband: “I also cried (watching from the side) a few times. I want to tell you that it was a lot of hard work.”] [Lee Min-ah/Incheon

Hyundai Steel: “I was so moved, and when I went to the national team game and scored a goal (to my husband) ) I will do my best to send my heart.”]

Lee Min-ah, a leading female soccer star who scored 17 goals in 76 A matches, is determined to shake off the regret of losing a decisive opportunity in the last World Cup thanks to the support of her family.

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