La Liga, where racism is commonplace, Casemiro, who knows well, “I’m not surprised even if Vinicius leaves”

 He is from Real Madrid, so he knows the attributes of Spain’s Primera Liga better than anyone else. Manchester United’s Casemiro (31) talked about the racism surrounding Vinicius Junior (22, Real Madrid).안전놀이터

Last month, La Liga caused a considerable stir due to controversy over racial discrimination. Vinicius was racist and called a “monkey” during a match against Valencia. Not just one or two people, but the majority of the Valencia stadium were shocked by shouting slogans as if teasing.

This is not the first time that racism against Vinicius has been controversial. He has expressed his grievances over the discriminatory treatment several times this season. Vinicius, who endured and eventually exploded, raised the issue of racial discrimination to the surface.

Vinicius said through his social network service (SNS), “This is not the first, second, or third time. Racism is common in La Liga.” The impression is a racist country,” he pinched.

Discrimination against Asian players is also significant. Lee Kang-in, who plays for Mallorca, also said in the past, “Spanish people call ‘Chino’ when they see Asians.” Chino is a derogatory term used in Europe and South America to describe Asians.

Lee Kang-in was recently told by his team coach that he is Chino. In a training video released by Mallorca last month, manager Javier Aguirre called Lee Kang-in “What are the Chinese doing?” It seemed that it had become a habit when I saw his remarks without hesitation.

Casemiro also pointed out the problem with the racism that is rampant in La Liga. Casemiro lived in Spain for 10 years from 2013 to last year through Real Madrid. He is from South America, and it is highly likely that it was even more difficult because it was in the past when racial discrimination was not an issue.

Casemiro understood and commented on what was happening to Vinicius through the Brazilian media’TNT Sports’ on the 4th (Korean time). Casemiro wasn’t unfamiliar with it, saying, “It bothers me that there are still people like that in Spain. It’s not the first time Vinicius has complained about racism. It’s something he’s often talked about.”

He asked for consciousness improvement. Casemiro speculated that Vinicius might leave Spain over the matter. “If La Liga doesn’t want to lose a player like Vinicius, we need to act quickly,” he said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Vinicius leaves Real Madrid.”

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