Korea Multicultural Foundation Asian 3×3 Basketball Tournament in Daegu

On the 30th, a meaningful event was held at the outdoor park of Seongseo Outlet Town in Daegu. The ‘3rd Korea Multicultural Foundation Asian 3×3 Basketball Championship’ hosted by the Korea Multicultural Foundation was held.

The competition was organized by Seongseo Outlet Town Shopping Center and the Angels Citizen Basketball Team.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Seong-Jin Kwon, a former professional operating chairperson, supervised the event, and a total of 18 teams participated in the event. The participation fee is used to help the underprivileged, and it is an event in which volunteer hours are recognized not only for participating students but also for adults.

In addition, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Pegasus, a professional basketball team based in Daegu, also participated in the event and had a meaningful time with local fans.

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