Klinsman intuition → Stellini “Son position will change” → Son Heung-min tonight’s 101st goal ‘correct aim’

 Tottenham will play the 31st round of the 2022-23 season Premier League against Bournemouth at 11:00 pm on the 15th in Korean time at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England.

In this game, only Klins, the coach of the Korean national team, will observe Son Heung-min’s performance while intuition on the spot.

In particular, coach Klisman also played for Tottenham. He has a deep relationship with Tottenham, scoring 30 goals in a total of 56 matches. With coach Klinsman watching, Son Heung-min is trying to score two goals in a row after Brighton and the 101st goal in the EPL total.

In this situation, it is said that Tottenham’s acting coach Stellini will change the way Son Heung-min is used in order to maximize Son Heung-min’s goal-making ability.

Acting coach Stellini made the announcement at a press conference ahead of the game. This is a reaction to Son Heung-min’s interview after the match against Brighton. Son Heung-min recently revealed that he had trouble getting into a shooting position due to Tottenham’s system.

In an interview after scoring his 100th Premier League goal, Son Heung-min said, “I always try to shoot from a position like that. But sometimes it’s not easy because the opposing defenders block me. I am very confident that I can score from that position. You can see how many goals I scored from that position last season. If I get an opportunity like this, I can score more goals.”

Regarding this, Acting Stellini said, “It is a problem that is related not only to us but also to the way the opponent team plays,” and “just like Son Heung-min did well in the last game, we have to find space.”

However, Acting Stellini said,카지노 “It is not a problem that can be solved just by controlling our team. When facing the opposing team, we have to find a way to give all the players like Son Heung-min, Kane, wingbacks, Kulusevski and Danjuma a chance.” It is said that each player’s characteristics should be saved and Son Heung-min should be able to perform well like Brighton.

Son Heung-min scored his 100th Premier League goal in the 30th round of the Premier League in the 2022-23 season against Brighton Hove & Albion held on the 8th.

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