KGC Ginseng Corporation proved its qualification for first place in the regular league… PO Most points difference wins

KGC Ginseng Corporation, the No. 1 team in the regular professional basketball league, defeated Carrot in the first round of the semifinal playoffs.

It is a complete victory by 56 points, the largest score difference in professional basketball history.


Ginseng Corporation, which entered the semi-final playoffs after taking a two-week break, put pressure on the exhausted Carrot with a strong defense by playing all of the six-final playoff game 5.

Unlike Carrot, who threw 11 3-pointers and succeeded in only one, Ginseng Corporation scored 5 out of 7 3-pointers, leading by 21 points from the first quarter.

After the start of the 2nd quarter, Carrot’s Jeon Seong-hyeon and captain Kim Kang-seon, who are suffering from sudden hearing loss, put up a counterattack with outsiders, but that was all.

Ginseng Corp.’s sixth man Han Seung-hee and Park Ji-hoon, who entered the court instead of the main players, took charge of rebounding and scoring under the goal, and Bae Byung-jun’s three-pointer successively passed the rim, completely breaking Carrot’s will to pursue.

Ginseng Corporation won a 99-43 victory over Carrot in the first round of the semifinal playoffs.

The performance of the sixth men shone, with Han Seung-hee scoring 14 points and Park Ji-hoon posting 15 points.

<Han Seung-hee / KGC Ginseng Corporation> “I was very worried about the defense, but I think I won because the hyungs practiced a lot (together) in the defense aspect. The coach always told me to work hard and shoot confidently when I get a chance…”

Ginseng Corporation won by 56 points, the largest ever in KBL playoff history, and Carrot had the disgrace of having the lowest score ever.

Even CEO Jae-Heo came out to cheer, but Carrot threw 50 3-pointers and missed 43, giving up the first game in vain amidst a sense of shooting.

Ginseng Corporation, which won the first round of the semifinal playoffs and has a 78% chance of advancing to the championship match, will play the second round against Carrot on the 15th.

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