“It’s better than me” Confidence of the national team toward switch hitter shortstop, Ryu Joong-il-ho has a bright future

 LG Twins Oh Ji-hwan, who is considered the best shortstop in the KBO League, showed off his senior beauty.먹튀검증

The list of the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team led by coach Joong-il Ryu has been announced. Among them, there are Park Seong-han (SSG) and Kim Joo-won (NC) as shortstop resources.

Oh Ji-hwan, who played as a shortstop for LG as well as the national team, cannot help but pay attention to the junior shortstop.

Oh Ji-hwan evaluated Ju-won Kim and Lee Jae-hyeon (Samsung), who were in the preliminary entry but were ultimately eliminated.

Oh Ji-hwan said, “They seem like great players. Fielders take a long time to grow. Third baseman and first baseman have less defensive pressure, but I don’t think it’s easy for shortstops except Kim Ha-seong (San Diego). It’s an experience. I hope you will do it positively,” he said.

At the same time, he compared, “Looking back at my childhood, Kim Joo-won seems to be better than me (in the past), and Lee Jae-hyun has the feeling that he is looking at me.”

The shortstop is the commander of the infield and the core of the center line (catcher – second baseman, shortstop – center fielder). It is also a position where the most difficult hits come, so it is also a position that requires double the sense of stability. As a shortstop, defense is the most important.

Oh Ji-hwan said, “It takes a long time for a shortstop to be suitable for the phrase ‘age is a gangster'” and “It is a good experience just to be able to compete. It starts to come out. It depends on how you do it, but if you keep going to the starting lineup, the area you can do will increase to some extent. I also think (skills) have improved from that point on. I really can’t ignore the experience,” he emphasized.

In particular, he once talked about Kim Joo-won, the most likely candidate, before the announcement of the national team entry. This is because his motive, Park Gun-woo, asked Oh Ji-hwan about Kim Joo-won.

Oh Ji-hwan highly praised him, “Geon-wu asked what he thought of Joo-won when he was really good at it, and he said it was okay. Actually, I think he’s the best right now. He has a lot of things at that age. He’s also a switch hitter.”

Afterwards, he also talked, albeit during the game. Oh Ji-hwan explained, “‘You must go to the Asian Games. You have to do what you want. I hope you have a goal for the Asian Games’.”

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