It seems that there is only one thing left to throw well” that is beneficial to the SSG mound

After graduating from Daegu High School, Roun Lee wore the SSG Landers uniform with the 5th overall pick in the 1st round of the 2023 rookie draft. The evaluation at the time of designation was that he had stable control and game management ability to play with a fast ball of 150km/h or more, regardless of left and right batters.

Lee Rowoon, who had high expectations as he was the first to be named at the draft, captivated the coaching staff from his appearance at this spring camp. Director Kim Won-hyung, as well as coaches and seniors, praised Yi Ro-wun’s pitching.메이저놀이터 As the praise continued to the second camp in Okinawa, Roun Lee won the Spring Camp MVP.

As he stepped on his first professional stage, he struggled at the beginning of his exhibition game, but quickly adapted. Roun Lee, who had allowed three runs on five hits in two innings in his first two games, went three innings without a hit in the next three games. Of course, regardless of the result, manager Kim Won-hyung nodded to Lee Ro-wun’s spirited pitching.

-You started playing baseball because baseball players are cool?

I watched it on TV, went to the Sajik Baseball Stadium and watched a Lotte game, and it was cool. I don’t remember exactly, but it was cool. When I said I wanted to, my parents let me do it right away.

-Aren’t you nervous the first time you pitched in front of the coaches and coaches at camp?

I think I was more focused than nervous. It was practice, but it felt like throwing at a game. 

-Is there a reason you set the goal at 40 innings?

It is unlikely that he will start, and he will go out to the bullpen, but if he hits 40 innings with the bullpen, he has to stay in the first team to come out. Rather than the formality of continuing to be in the first team, I thought I threw a moderate amount of it, so I decided in detail.

– How was it to look back on yourself from the spring camp to the demonstration game?

At the overseas camp, I did better than I thought and my confidence increased, but I got hit a lot during the demonstration game, so it was time to look back. I think I’m learning how to throw more and more through bad experiences. 

– You’ve received a lot of compliments since camp. Are there any memorable compliments?

When I had a practice game with Samsung in Japan, Senior Kang Min-ho hit my ball and praised me, ‘throws a straight ball, the ball is good’ as he came in. It was memorable because the national team catcher said that.

– There were many difficult situations in the demonstration game.

I don’t think I’ve been able to decide what to throw. I’m in the process of re-establishing and catching it, so I think the only thing left is to throw it well.

– How many points do you want to give if you watch the demonstration game? How to make up for the missing points?

40 points. No matter how much you throw 150km, in the end, professional hitters produce good results with even the slightest misplaced pitch, so I use a solid pitch and a slider as the deciding ball, but I think I need to refine the slider a little more. Just like Gwanghyun sunbaenim, I set exactly where I want to throw.

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