“It is shocking. Disappointed. But I still respect you.” Amano’s regretful sincerity toward Hong Myung-bo

The coach, who had joined forces with the same team until last year to win the league for the first time in 17 years, criticized him intensely, even using the expression ‘worst’ for himself the day before. The shock received by Japanese midfielder Amano Jun (32, Jeonbuk) of Jeonbuk Hyundai seemed enormous. He showed such great disappointment that he used the words ‘shock’ and ‘regret’. Even so, he still conveyed the word ‘respect’ and showed his regretful sincerity.

At the media camp held at the Jeonbuk Clubhouse in Wanju, Jeonbuk Province on the 12th, Amano said, “I felt that Jeonbuk was strong while fighting against Jeonbuk as part of Ulsan Hyundai last year. He is delighted to be a part of this team,” he said. Amano played a big role last year in helping Ulsan win the league for the first time in 17 years. He played 30 games and scored 9 goals and 1 assist, leading Ulsan’s attack along with Eom Won-sang (12 goals and 6 assists), Leonardo (11 goals and 4 assists), and Martin Adam (9 goals and 4 assists).

It was refreshing for Amano to move to Ulsan’s rival, Jeonbuk, a year later. However, Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo met with reporters on the 11th and expressed his dissatisfaction with the process of Amano moving the team, and criticized him intensely, saying, “It was the worst Japanese player I have ever met.” In the process, direct accusatory expressions such as ‘I transferred for money’ and ‘I lied’ poured out from director Hong, and all eyes were on Amano at the media camp that day.

Originally, Amano was not planning to hold an official press conference, but rather conducted interviews in a free way according to reporters’ requests. However, there were too many reporters requesting Amano’s interview, so Amano’s official press conference was suddenly scheduled.

Amano seemed very disappointed with Director Hong’s remarks. Amano said, “I think coach Hong is the mentor who brought me to the K-League and a comrade who won Ulsan’s first championship in 17 years. “I still respect him,” he said. “But he was shocked, not disappointed, that he made those comments through the press.” He continued, “I said that I was a liar and that I chose money to transfer, but it is completely different from the truth.”

The transfer process that Amano revealed is as follows. Amano has already expressed his desire to stay in Ulsan since last summer. He communicated this with coach Hong and coach Seigo Ikeda, the same Japanese coach. However, the Ulsan club did not make a formal proposal to Amano, and only made an offer in mid-November. However, Jeonbuk contacted him before that, and Amano’s mind was tilted toward Jeonbuk. 온라인바카라

Amano said, “Ulsan has never made a place with sincerity. So I accepted that I had no intention of signing a contract.” However, Jeonbuk made a formal offer and set up a meeting a day later. I was quite perplexed by the temperature difference between the Ulsan club and coach Hong.” He also revealed the reason why he changed his mind to Jeonbuk, saying, “Jeonbuk had already completed the lease-related adjustments with the original team, Yokohama Marinos, before the end of last season.” His claim is that Ulsan made a hasty offer to go to Jeonbuk without making sincere efforts to capture him.

In any case, Amano joined Jeonbuk, and now he has enemies with Ulsan players and coach Hong, whom he ate together until last year. Amano said, “I transferred because I knew very well what this decision meant. I am determined to play against Ulsan,” he said. “This year, as a Jeonbuk player, I will challenge the treble with coach Kim Sang-sik.”

The unique resolution is that the entire Jeonbuk team, including Amano, is the same. He was determined to regain the league title lost to Ulsan last season. Lee Dong-joon, who joined Jeonbuk this year after moving to Hertha Berlin (Germany) last year after playing for Ulsan, said, “Before joining Jeonbuk, I talked to coach Hong and (Lee) Chung-yong hyung on the phone. Everyone said they respected my choice,” he said. “I played well in Ulsan in 2021, but now I am a Jeonbuk player. I will do my best to achieve the desired result,” he said. Jeonbuk coach Kim Sang-sik also said, “Ulsan is the biggest obstacle to our championship challenge. I think we will draw a competition between us and Ulsan again this year,” he said, vowing to “prepare thoroughly and bring home the championship trophy this year.”

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