Is this the boldness of a person born in 2004? SSG rookie direct purchase rate of 83.5%, QS+ season 2 wins

The SSG rookie achieved his first quality start with his bold pitching. The direct purchase rate reached 83.5%.

Youngjin Song, a rookie in the second round of SSG, recorded his first quality start in his debut in his third start of the season. On the 26th, against LG in Jamsil, he had a good fight with 5 hits, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts, and 3 runs (2 earned runs) in 6 innings, and even took his second win of the season. SSG won 5-3 come-from-behind victory thanks to Song Young-jin’s good pitching and 4 points from the bases loaded in the 5th inning.

In the 1st and 3rd innings, wildfires led to runs. However, even after conceding points, he did not waver and kept his pace.

In the first inning, he brought himself into a scoring crisis with a wild throw from first base. Here, Moon Seong-joo and Oh Ji-hwan were grounded in succession to create 2 out and 3 base. Although he was hit by Austin Dean at the right time and conceded a run, it was commendable that he calmly increased his outcount despite being driven into a crisis from the start.

Three wild throws in the third inning were teed in the jade. Both runners were sent in as consecutive wildfires came out from the 2nd 1st and 2nd bases.

However, from the 4th inning, they did not concede. In the 4th inning, he succeeded in the first tripartite offense, and in the 5th inning, he blocked LG’s other line with a single hit after 2 outs. In the sixth inning, leading 5-3, Moon Bo-gyeong, the lead batter, got a hit, but all the next three batters were hit. In this way, Song Young-jin’s first quality start since his debut was created.

On this day, Song Young-jin threw a total of 85 pitches. According to LG power analysis data, 71 of them were counted as direct purchases. The share of direct purchases is a whopping 83.5%. The redemption ranged from 149 km/h to 143 km/h. Other than that, he threw 3 curveballs, 7 sliders, and 4 forkballs. Although he pitched mostly fastballs throughout the game, he gave up only 5 hits in 6 innings. It was all singles.

SSG was dragged 0-3,ㅋㅋㅋ벳 but turned the game around based on 4 points from Oh Tae-gon’s solo shot in the 4th inning and the bases loaded in the 5th inning. These five points led to Song Young-jin’s second win of the season. From the 7th inning, Baek Seung-gun, Choi Min-jun, and Seo Jin-yong got on the mound and maintained a two-point lead and Song Young-jin’s starter win. SSG regained first place by avenging its defeat on the 25th.

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