Is the Yankees a rich nursing hospital? 108.2 billion annual salary alone Trio opened and closed, money leaks

The American League East Division is running overwhelmingly first in terms of overall record with other districts this season. Looking at the district leaderboard, you can feel the dignity of ‘Aldong’. Leading Tampa Bay (36-15) is the best team in the American League. However, the odds of 4th place Boston (26-24) and 5th place Toronto (26-24) are also over 50%.먹튀검증

Boston and Toronto’s performance is the same as Minnesota, which leads the American League Central Division. There is such a fierce battle going on. The New York Yankees (30-21), the most prestigious team in the major leagues, are also bleeding. It is 3 games behind second place Baltimore, and on the contrary, it is in a sandwich situation chased by Boston and Toronto with a difference of 3.5 games.

If the power is perfect, I will set the point to strike, but it is not even that. Key players with high salaries are out of the line due to injuries. It is evaluated that he is holding up well by raising players in the minor leagues, but he is suffering from frequent injuries of players who are essential in the 162-game race.

Representatively, the player who is listening to the complaints of Yankees fans is left-hander Carlos Rodon (31), who was recruited with a large amount of money in the free agent (FA) market ahead of this season. Rodon, a left-handed fireballer with strong pitches, signed a six-year, $162 million contract with the Yankees ahead of this season. Considering the market price of the starting pitcher market, it was a special treatment.

Rodon is a top-class lefty with a 27-13 record of 2.67 ERA in 55 starts over the past two years. As long as he was healthy, he was expected to play an active role as the team’s left-handed ace. However, he also has health problems. Rodon, who has been plagued by injuries throughout his career, has yet to make his debut in a Yankees uniform this season. because of a back injury. Rodon’s annual salary this year is about $27.83 million. He’s just about to blow half of it.

Rodon’s back pain has been greatly relieved by the injection treatment. However, he has not yet entered a full-fledged rehabilitation. “My back doesn’t hurt anymore,” Rodon said in an interview with local media. However, he said, “I want to return as soon as possible, and I just want to help the team quickly,” but he did not specify a specific return date. He couldn’t even pitch in the bullpen, so it’s natural.

If there are no problems after pitching in the bullpen, he will go through minor league rehabilitation and come up to the major leagues. Considering the pitch build-up time, it could take about a month more. If so, it can be seen that the first half is practically useless. The Yankees’ plan, which envisioned a powerful one-two punch with Gerrit Cole, has been twisted from the start.

It’s not just Rodon. Giancarlo Stanton (34), who is a leading home run hitter in the league but has the stigma of “glass body,” is also injured. Stanton hit four homers in the first 13 games of the season, showing decent batting pace, but was sidelined with a left hamstring injury. On April 17, he was sidelined for over a month after being placed on the injured list. After all, Stanton has not digested the rehabilitation game, and even if he goes up to the major leagues right away, it is expected that he will need time for a while. Stanton’s annual salary this year is $32 million.

Josh Donaldson (38), former MVP third baseman, also injured his right hamstring after playing only five games this season and was placed on the disabled list. His grades are already on the decline, but his body hurts and he is unable to help the team. He recently joined the minor league team for a rehab game, but it will take some time to recover from the feeling he has already lost.

Donaldson’s annual salary this year, which is the final year of his contract, is also $21.75 million. The total annual salary of the three players this year is 81.58 million dollars (approximately 108.2 billion won), but two fielders are involved, and the total number of games played is only 18. The Yankees’ sigh is deepening.

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