Is International Crown’s sluggish Korean team a problem with flying distance?

In the Hanwha Life Plus International Crown (total prize money of 2 million dollars), which was held for the first time in five years, flight distance and cold weather were raised as reasons for the Korean team’s failure to advance to the semifinals.

On the 7th (Korean time), Golf Digest reported on the Internet version that the Korean team had two wins in the team match against the Japanese team, but there was no long hitter as the reason for not posting any points in the match against Australia and Thailand.

The championship course at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco, USA was a full-length par 72 of 6550 yards, and there were three par 5 holes on holes 1, 3, and 5 in the first half only. In the four-ball (best-ball) method, in which two players go out in a group and record a good score, the failure to raise points on the long holes in the first half may have affected Korea’s sluggish performance.

In this tournament, which started in 2014, Korea had an overwhelming four-ball record of 14 wins and 6 losses. In single matches, it was 6 wins, 5 losses and 1 draw. It was the strongest team that ranked 3rd in the first year, 2nd in 2016, and 1st in 2018, but this year it was sluggish in the four-ball field.

For the Korean team, Hyejin Choi ranked 63rd (262.13 yards), the highest in the distance category of the LPGA Tour. Ko Jin-young ranked 88th (258.45 yards) in the middle rank, Kim Hyo-joo ranked 149th (245.79 yards), and Jeon In-ji ranked 154th (244.86 yards) at the bottom. The Korean team had the shortest average distance among the 8 teams that competed this time.

On the other hand, in terms of slugging power, the home team, the USA, had the strongest firepower. Lexi Thompson ranked 11th on the tour with 277.13 yards, Nellie Korda was 22nd with 269.55 yards, Lilia Boo was 56th with 263.11 yards and Daniel Kang was 141st with 248.19 yards.

Elsewhere, Japan’s Yuka Saso was 23rd with 269.07 yards, Thailand’s Ataya Titikkun was 28th with 267.77 yards, and Arya Jutanugarn was 85th with 259 yards. Australia’s Stephanie Kiriakoo ranked 49th with 264.47 yards and Lee Min-ji ranked 84th with 259.13 yards.

In addition, due to the cold San Francisco temperature and gusty winds during the competition, the difficult course made Korean players anxious. According to the media, Dean Herden, who caddyed for Jeon In-ji, said, “The course was too long for the first two days,” and “I felt it was only suitable for certain players.

” He had to hold a longer club every hole, and the cold weather lowered his performance.According to Herden, if it was not for the national competition, he had planned to take a four-week break to recover from his injury.카지노사이트

“It is sad and disappointing that we can no longer show our game, but I believe that all Korean players are strong,” said Ko Jin-young, ranked third in the world golf rankings, who finished the match on Saturday.

If this tournament is held in Korea in 2025, Korean players who are characterized by sophistication will be able to play more active. Just like the US team, which made good use of the advantage of distance this year.

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