In March, the WBC match-up is extended from 10th inning, and the “Otani Rule” is also introduced.

The big framework of the competition rules to be applied to the 5th World Baseball Classic (WBC), the ‘Global Baseball Strongest Country Final’, which opens in March, has been decided. Notable changes stand out, such as advancing the match-up from the 10th inning and establishing new rules for players who double as pitchers.

The WBC Organizing Committee sent the main rules to be applied to this tournament to all 20 participating countries. Although it is largely the same as the 4th tournament held six years ago, there are some notable changes.

The most noteworthy change is the extension of the match start time from 11th to 10th inning. In addition, the runners were also changed to the method of putting them only on second base, not on first and second bases like Major League Baseball (MLB).

Matchmaking, one of the key rules of the WBC, was applied from the 13th overtime in the 3rd tournament in 2013, then the 11th overtime in 2017, and the 10th overtime again in this year’s competition. It is part of an effort to reduce the length of the game.

In this way, as the importance of matchmaking as a variable in winning or losing a game increases, Korea also took this into consideration when selecting entries to form a team. Keeping the match-up situation in mind, we included counter-runners and counter-defense agents. 바카라

One of the characteristics of the WBC, the limit on the number of pitches, was maintained as in the original draft. In practice games, pitchers can only throw up to 49 balls. The maximum number of pitches in the finals is 65 per round, up to 80 after the quarterfinals, and up to 95 after the semifinals.

The same applies to the rule that if you throw more than 30 balls, you must take a break for one day and if you throw more than 50 balls, you must rest for four days. Even if you fight for two days, you take a day off.

Meanwhile, the ‘Otani Rule’, which will be newly introduced in this tournament, is also interesting. This is a rule introduced by MLB last year for major leaguer Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), who also doubles as a pitcher. In the case of a player who played as a starting pitcher and hitter, even if he comes off the mound, he can remain on the pitch as a designated hitter and continue playing. to be.

Ohtani will represent Japan and compete against Korea in the first round of the finals.

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