In addition, Morant, who boasted of his total, even the possibility of a long-term suspension

American Professional Basketball (NBA) Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant (24) once again caused controversy over ‘possession of a gun’. 

The NBA Memphis club said on the 15th (Korean time), “We have suspended all club activities for Morant.” The reason for the suspension is ‘possession of a firearm’. 

Morant appeared in a post on social media the day before. In the video, he was riding in an acquaintance’s car, but this time, controversy arose as he was caught holding a gun. Morant’s scene with a gun was also released on social media in March. At the time, the Colorado regional police investigated the case and suffered measles once.

At the time, the case was closed with no charges, but Morant was suspended for 8 games. And two months later, the same behavior was repeated. It is not clear when the video was taken, but as there is a precedent, it seems difficult to avoid the disciplinary suspension this time.

Regarding this incident, ‘NBA Central’ said on the 15th, “Rival team executives believe that Morant will not be able to play more than 50% of the next season.” ESPN also claimed on the same day that “Morant is likely to be absent for an extended period next season.”

Meanwhile,토토사이트 Morant is a key player for Memphis. The 2022-23 regular season performance was 26.2 points, 8.1 assists, and a field goal rate of 46.6%. He caused cheers from the fans by showing reckless play and bold dunks inside the stadium, but he is embarrassing the club with a series of controversies outside the stadium.

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