‘Importance of attack success rate’ IBK Industrial Bank escaped 4 consecutive losses

 IBK Industrial Bank, which has been in a slump for four consecutive losses, fired a signal to escape from the slump with its first win in the new year.

IBK Industrial Bank won a set score 3-0 (25-13 25-23 25-17) shutout against Korea Expressway Corporation in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s home game held at Hwaseong Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 17th.

It was a long losing streak. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea was tied up in a chain of losing streaks like lies after winning the match against Pepper Savings Bank on the 28th of last month. In the meantime, the ranking also fell to 6th place, and it seemed to be far from spring volleyball.

However, IBK Industrial Bank, which added points with the victory on this day, recorded 25 points, closely chasing KGC Ginseng Corporation (26 points) in 5th place. Coincidentally, IBK Industrial Bank is leaving the KGC Ginseng Corporation away game on the 22nd. If they succeed in winning streak, they can jump to 5th place and narrow the gap with 4th place GS Caltex (31 points). 슬롯사이트

The factor that decided the game was the attack success rate.

On this day, the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea’s team attack success rate was 44.44%, which was okay, but Korea Expressway Corporation showed an extremely low accuracy, only 28.7%, which fell far short of expectations.

In particular, the success rate of the 1st set of the road construction was 16.66%, which was less than 20%, so it was too much to exert proper strength.

On the other hand, IBK Industrial Bank, which had a strong will to escape the losing streak, overwhelmed the opponent with the combination of Santana’s destructive power, Kim Su-ji’s height, and Pyo Seung-ju’s high-sensitivity attack.

Santana took the lead in winning the team by scoring 23 points, the most among both teams, and Pyo Seung-joo and Kim Su-ji scored 12 points and 11 points, respectively, to support shooting. In addition, coach Kim Ho-cheol put the injured Kim Hee-jin in to take the victory in the third set and showed some leisure to check her condition.

On the other hand, in the road construction, Park Jung-ah and Catbell struggled with 13 points side by side, but the rest of the players could not support them and gave up the victory in vain.

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