‘I’m different from Ronaldo’ Messi receives only 14.6 billion won in ‘passion pay’ for Barca… Giving up 574.5 billion won in Saudi Arabia

It is highly likely that Lionel Messi (PSG) will accept a passion pay of 14.6 billion won for FC Barcelona. 

RMC said on the 5th (hereinafter Korean time), “Messi is ready to join Barcelona by reducing his salary by 1/3. He wants to return to Barcelona. Barcelona also has financial problems to solve, but Messi is back. I am confident that I can bring him.” 

Messi, who joined PSG in 2021, did not achieve the performance he expected. He won Ligue 1, but failed to reach the top of the UEFA Champions League. 토스카지노

To make matters worse, Messi was also suspended for a trip to Saudi Arabia. 

Messi recently traveled to Saudi Arabia after the match against Lorient, where he was handed a two-week suspension for failing to reach an agreement with the club. Locals predicted that Messi would leave PSG next season after crossing the river of no return. 

Currently, the official offer for Messi is the Saudi Arabian team. He faced an astronomical salary at the negotiating table. In particular, the proposed annual salary for Messi is 400 million euros (574.5 billion won).  

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