“I’ll pay my debts by winning” How sad it must have been… V Promise of a resurrected top-class left-hander

“You have to win to pay off your debt”.

Ham Deok-joo (28), who returned as a left-hander for the LG Twins, is doing well. He appeared in 24 games and posted an outstanding performance with 2 wins, 3 saves and 7 holds, and an earned run average of 1.52. He has definitely recovered as the pillar of LG bullpen baseball. He expressed his confidence in winning the LG championship as well as clearing up his two-year transfer sorrow. 

Ham Deok-joo took a valuable hold in the Gwangju match against the KIA Tigers on the 26th. In the bottom of the 6th inning with a 4-1 lead, he took the mound with 2 outs, 1st and 3rd base, struck out Ryu Ji-hyeok and broke the chase. Even in the 7th inning, when he faced the center batting line, he allowed 1 walk, but cleanly deleted 3 out counts and laid the foundation for victory. 

The indicator of Ham Deok-joo is the excellent grade itself. His on-base percentage per inning is only 0.76. His batting average is also salty at 10.3 6 li. After conceding one run against Jamsil KIA on April 29, the team has been unbeaten for 9 consecutive games. He is the key to a bullpen that can hold and save. He is a former firefighter with 55 saves during his time at Doosan, and is showing his firefighting ability. 

After the game on the 26th, he explained his recovery from injury as the secret to his improved self-confidence. “First of all, it doesn’t hurt, so I can throw the ball hard and hard. I feel good and go in confidently. seems to be,” he said. 

He continued, “In the past, if I was ambiguous (unfavorable count or in a crisis situation), I just threw hard. These days, as I have become the first pitcher, ambiguous situations do not arise, and I can choose and throw what I want to throw in an advantageous bull count. I think it’s good,” he said confidently.   

The fear of transfer has also been overcome. After the 2020 season, infielder Yang Seok-hwan and traded for two families under one roof, wearing LG uniforms. He had high hopes, but suffered a shoulder injury. The two seasons were nothing short of sad. He only appeared in 16 games in the 2021 season and 13 games in the 2022 season. Yang Seok-hwan played an active role as a pillar of Doosan, hitting 20 homers for two consecutive years. Since he was relatively unable to play his part due to injuries, he was forced to be compared. 토토사이트

“At first, I honestly tried not to pay attention, but I had to pay attention. It seems like there is. There is still a lot left to shine.” 

In particular, he showed a strong will to win. It is to pay off the debt owed to LG by winning. “In order for LG to be able to pay off that debt, it has to be first place. I am doing it with the feeling of paying off the debt. Knowing how it felt to win the championship (during Doosan), I really want to do it. The thought of winning grows. I think the possibility is the highest. If I don’t win, the atmosphere is strangely good.

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