“I’d even throw a chair… ”, Sillim-dong stabbing trauma ‘red light’

Two high school girls who were at a nearby self-photography studio at the time of the first crime by Jomo (33), a suspect in the ‘Sillim-dong Don’t Ask Me’ case, witnessed Mr. Cho’s brutal crime through the window. They were terrified and ran to the store across the street, where they sat down and cried for 30 minutes. They were able to return home only after the police were dispatched and the scene was cleared, but they say they are suffering from psychological pain.

According to the Kukmin Ilbo coverage on the 24th, witnesses are suffering from trauma in a violent incident that took place in the middle of the city in broad daylight. As the video containing the scene of Mr. Cho’s crime is illegally distributed, people who have seen it are complaining of the same symptoms.

“I should have helped by throwing a chair… ” Neighborhood merchant crying
Mr. Hwang (58), the owner of the store that saved the high school girls, complained of pain, saying, “My heart is still beating.” He, who witnessed the incident, locked the door, but reported the situation at the time that he felt fear as he made eye contact with the perpetrator. Immediately after, two high school girls came to the store and appealed for help. He overcame his fear and opened the locked door to help them.

Mr. A, who runs a piercing shop nearby스포츠토토, also said, “Everyone around here must have the same mindset.” I’m so sorry for that kid. If I had seen it earlier, I would have helped by throwing a chair here,” she cried in a trembling voice. Mr. A said that after the incident, he left work with the light on the signboard of the store turned on. The place of remembrance is in front of the store, and I want it to be a bit brighter.

The witness at the scene is said to be at high risk of trauma and needs counseling and treatment, but is enduring it alone. Mr. A said, “I haven’t received anything related to trauma treatment yet. If the government or the police say they do it, I want to accept it.” Mr. Hwang also requested treatment for the two high school girls to the police officer who was dispatched to the scene, but the high school girls said they returned home terrified without taking any action.

Jeong Chan-seung, director of the Korean Neuropsychiatric Association, explained, “Witnesses at the scene of a violent incident are the most high-risk group and are the primary trauma survivors.” At the same time, he said, “Psychological support for witnesses at the scene must be provided. He added that he should receive counseling and treatment at an early stage to minimize the trauma.”

“Trauma just by watching the video” police charged first distributor
Director Jung was also concerned about secondary damage such as trauma to those who indirectly witnessed the incident through video. He said, “You can get trauma from a gruesome crime scene just by watching the video,” and added, “You should refrain from watching brutal violence scenes to satisfy your own curiosity.”

The police announced that they had prosecuted the first person to spread the video of the ‘Sillim-dong Don’t Ask Me’ incident. Police Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun said at a regular press conference that day, “The video itself is not only brutal, but it can also be a secondary offense because it is a video at a level where the victim’s impression is recognizable.” The police requested the Korea Communications Standards Commission to delete 17 related videos circulating on the Internet, and monitoring continues.At the scene of the accident that day, memorials for the deceased victim B continued. A colleague of Mr. B’s university posted a letter in front of the store at the scene of the accident. He said, “Why does a bright, honest, and hard-working friend like you have to leave your side over such a ridiculous thing?” I’m sorry that Korea couldn’t protect you.” According to a merchant near the site of the damage, about 10 acquaintances of the victim, who came after 10:00 p.m. the previous day, stayed there for over an hour and cried sadly.

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