“I wonder if I’ve committed a crime” Coach Eun Hee-seok, embarrassed by his injury, aims for a counterattack

“I thought I had committed a big sin.”

Seoul Samsung is having a tough season. ‘Novice director’ Eun Hee-seok (46) seems to be feeling a formidable burden. He’s been a star player, and has tasted a lot of championships as a collegiate coach, but his first pro season is in last place. The problem is that there are too many injuries. There is no business in injury for any team.

Samsung finished the first half with the KCC game on the 8th. It is the lowest with 10 wins and 21 losses in 31 matches and a win rate of 0.323. 9th place DB and Ride 2.5 games. In the first round, they finished in 4th place with 6 wins and 4 losses. It started to lag from the 2nd round. The 2nd round is 2-7, the 3rd round is 2-7, and the 4th round is 3 matches and 3 losses.

Before the season, he exclaimed, “This time it’s different.” He brought in Lee Jeong-hyeon (36) as a free agent and got a fixer. He also tried to change his leadership by recruiting the head coach who led Yonsei University to the top. In particular, coach Eun blew a strong wind into the team, which was wet with a sense of defeat. 토토

The problem is grades. It was fine until round 1. Because normal power is back. However, in November, as Kim Si-rae (knee), Lee Ho-hyeon (back of the hand), and Lee Dong-yeop (shoulder) were missing, the guards were virtually destroyed. In December, foreign player Marcus Derrickson left due to a knee injury, and native big man Lee Won-seok also fell out due to a sore ankle. Even Emmanuel Terry missed a game due to a bad ankle.

Kim Si-rae, Lee Ho-hyun, and Lee Won-seok came back from injuries, but in the meantime, they started playing with empty rosters. This is why the 2nd and 3rd rounds ended with a total of 4 wins and 14 losses. Director Eun said, “I have been playing basketball since the third grade in elementary school. It’s the first time I’ve experienced so many injuries. I’m not the type to get scared, but I’m really embarrassed this season. The composition of the players collapsed,” he said.

“I thought I was a sinner. And then I also felt a bit unwell. The director should not be ill. When the manager’s energy level drops, the players are also affected. I couldn’t communicate properly because I was sick. It shouldn’t be like this. I felt it again,” he pointed out.

Looking for a rebound in the second half. Change all foreign players. A Samsung official explained, “Shouldn’t we finish all the work during the All-Star break?” An announcement is expected to come soon. If Lee Dong-yeop returns in the second half, it is expected that the front line will be able to breathe. Could Samsung’s counterattack happen?

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