I woke up from a doze and asked, “Where am I?” Not anymore… Current location of Seoul subway at a glance

The station names are enlarged on the screen doors so that they can be seen from inside the train, and
the route guide for old trains on Lines 2 and 4 has also been refurbished…
Simplifying unnecessary information such as ‘this station’ If you doze

off while riding the Seoul subway and wake up, you may be embarrassed because you may have missed the station you were supposed to get off at, but you could not easily figure out where you are. In the future, this inconvenience will disappear. The city of Seoul put station names on platform safety doors (screen doors) so that you can tell which station you are in by looking outside the window while on the train.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 17th that it has completed improvement work to make stations more visible, such as attaching station names to screen doors so that subway users can easily identify station names. The ‘Station Name Visibility Improvement’ project was selected in the creative administration contest first promoted by Seoul City. This was promoted after hearing from citizens that it was difficult to immediately obtain information about the arrival station on the train.

Last year, 819 complaints were filed with the Seoul Transportation Corporation requesting that information on arrival stations be made easier to understand, resulting in many inconveniences to citizens. There were stickers on the screen door indicating the names of some of the arrival stations, but the letters were small and stuck in places that were hard to see.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government improved the design of the station name signs attached to the screen doors and greatly enlarged the font size so that passengers on the train can easily see them. Small and large station name signs were attached to the movable and fixed screen doors, respectively, so that the arrival station could be confirmed from both the seat and the entrance door. Station numbers were also added to the station name signs for foreign passengers who have difficulty reading Korean quickly. New station name signs have already been applied to all stations on Lines 1 to 8. Line 9 and Ui Sinseol Line will be completed within this month.

In addition, the route information inside old trains on Seoul Subway Lines 2 and 4 has also been improved. The destination information is a device installed in the middle of the train or at the top of the entrance door to provide information on arrival stations and transfer stations. The existing route guide mainly provides additional information such as direction and station vicinity information instead of essential information such as arrival station, so there were many opinions that it was difficult to check the station name once it was missed.

The new route guide increases the Korean station name display time from 15 seconds to 59 seconds for Line 2, and from 52 seconds to 95 seconds for Line 4. For Line 2, unnecessary information such as ‘This station is’ and ‘For customers going to ○○’ and lengthy transfer station information were simplified, and the arrival station name was displayed in its place. Line카지노 4 takes into account the structure of the route guide divided into upper and lower sections, with the arrival station name displayed fixedly at the top and additional information displayed at the bottom. As with Line 2, the transfer information has been simplified.

The display time ratio of Korean and English information was changed from 1 to 1 to more than 2 to 1. We took into account the fact that general citizens usually have greater accessibility to Korean information than to English information.

The city of Seoul also plans to improve the method of displaying route information for new electric trains. Trains that have LED guides on the top of the aisle doors will also expand the ratio of Korean station names displayed on the LED guides to minimize inconvenience to passengers in blind spots.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided to complete improvements to the route information system for electric trains in operation by the second quarter of next year (April to June), and to apply the improvement plan whenever new electric trains are ordered in the future.

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