“I have to wear one more championship ring until I’m 41 with ‘Gun Se-geun'”

Oh Se-geun professional basketball Anyang KGC’s 4th championship by showing the so-called ‘Healthy Se-geun’, who said, ‘Healthy Se-geun Oh can’t stop’,토스카지노 expressed his aspiration, “I want to play until the age of 41” just like his uniform number. .
Yesterday (18th), Seoul SK, where he transferred to Seoul, expressed his determination to aim for his fifth championship ring.

From the decisive offensive rebound in the last 7 games to the scoring to finish the game, Oh Se-geun, who won the championship himself, was unparalleled as the MVP of the championship match.

He plays most of his time for his team during the championships and is busy after the season, but he’s just happy to see his fourth ring on his finger.

▶ Interview: Oh Se-geun
– “Wouldn’t it feel better to wear it here? Seeing this gives me strength without knowing it.”

Even so, he did not hide his desire to ‘wear the last ring on the remaining finger’.

▶ Interview: Oh Se-geun
– “I always mentioned five goals, but I wonder if my juniors will help me with at least one.”

When he recalled the moment when he was replaced with Yang Hee-jong 3.4 seconds before the end, the best scene in the championship game, he said, ‘I still feel sad’, and thanked the captain who finished his career with 4 championships and the golden age of the team.

– “I was in a situation where I didn’t know who to replace when Heejong came out, but no one was looking at me. I think it would be appropriate to switch with me here, as well as the picture. Thank you for your hard work…”

Oh Se-geun, who surprised everyone by moving to his rival, Seoul SK, leaving behind KGC, who had been active for 12 years, asked for unchanging support, saying, ‘I will play as ‘Kun Se-geun’ until the age of 41′, just like his uniform number.

– “(Running until the age of 41) is my final goal, so I have a desire to achieve it. I think I can do it if I run healthy.”

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