‘Hepatitis recovery’ Kim Tae-gun returns to the 1st team next week at the earliest… However, ‘conditions’ are attached 

 Samsung catcher Kim Tae-gun (34) is returning. He dropped out due to acute hepatitis, but started playing for the Futures again. However, Samsung is still cautious.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man said, ahead of the 2023 KBO League regular season match against Doosan held at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 26th, “Kim Tae-gun went to the Futures League game as a designated hitter. see you over the weekend I plan to post it next week at the earliest,” he said.

He continued, “We have to keep checking liver levels. When he gets stressed he might climb back up. This year is another important year for Kim Tae-goon. I think he must have thought a lot,” he added.

Kim Tae-gun started as the designated hitter 5 times in the first match of the double header against Futures League NC held at Gyeongsan Ball Park on the 26th, and got 2 hits in 2 at-bats. He hit a double in the bottom of the second, and added a hit in the bottom of the fourth.

Kim Tae-gun was hospitalized on the 15th with acute hepatitis. Samsung was also shocked by the sudden news. In the absence of Kim Jae-seong, even Kim Tae-gun left, leaving a large hole in the catcher’s side.

He was discharged after 20 days. After going through the rehabilitation group, he joined the 2nd team and started to digest it. However, he has no intention of rushing it.

Manager Park Jin-man said, “Kim Tae-gun will play in Gyeongsan until tomorrow, and then go with KT to the away game. I’ll see him play until the weekend. If he’s okay, he’s in the first team,” he explained.

Kang Min-ho is struggling. If Kim Tae-goon returns, he is of course a great force. The batting average is only 0.077 in 7 games this season, but there is a big difference between having Kim Tae-gun and not having him.

There is also the point of becoming a free agent after this season. In January 2020, he signed a free agent contract with NC for up to 1.3 billion won over 4 years. It wasn’t very satisfying, but Kim Tae-goon says, “I forgot everything now.”

He played consistently, and the team moved. I came to Samsung through trade in December 2021. He showed good form at Samsung, and now a second free agent is coming.

Kim Tae-gun said,메이저사이트 “I don’t care. He emphasizes that I only have to work hard on my work.” But it’s also something he can’t help but think about.

He seems to be making a comeback little by little. If Kim Tae-gun returns, Samsung’s home room can gain momentum. He needs to see if his liver level is maintained well, but it is good to see that he is able to play without any problems.

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