Head Coach Jaeheon Kim “Thank you to the players who made it to the end”

 After a bloody battle, he won a valuable victory.

 Men’s professional volleyball Woori Card scored a set score of 3-2 (22-25 26-24 25-22 22-25 21-19) in a home game against Korean Air in the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 14th. won a victory They ended a two-game losing streak and achieved 53 points (18 wins and 4 losses). 카지노사이트

 Director Shin Young-cheol and middle blocker Lee Sang-hyun were confirmed with a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) and could not accompany them. Head coach Kim Jae-heon directed the game instead, and Kim Wan-jong filled the vacancy left by Lee Sang-hyun.

 Apposite spiker Riverman Agamez (registered name Agamez) scored 25 points with 3 blocks and 1 serve (attack success rate 52.5%), outside hitter Na Gyeong-bok combined 4 blocks and 1 serve to score 23 points (attack success rate) 42.86%), middle blocker Kim Wan-jong scored 13 points (attack success rate 81.82%) with 2 blocks and 2 serves, outside hitter Kim Ji-han scored 12 points (attack success rate 42.86%) with 2 blocks and 1 serve did.

 Head coach Kim Jae-heon said, “It feels good to break a losing streak. Against Korean Air, the league’s No. I liked those expressions. Thank you very much.” He smiled.

 During the game, I thought of Shin coach several times. Coach Kim said, “I thought a lot about what kind of judgment the coach made in this situation, and whether he used operation time or replacement at this timing. Fortunately, the things I trained with the coach came out consistently well until the 5th set.”

 “After the game, I spoke to the manager on the phone. He joked that he had worked so hard and that he was doing well because there was no coach,” he added.

 Regarding Kim Wan-jong, who suddenly became the starter, “I tested several times while using him in the second round. There are definitely advantages of Wanjong,” he said. He played that role very well in this game,” he praised.

 In the last 5 sets, the opponent’s main gun, Lincoln, was blocked. Lincoln scored a total of 44 points (attack success rate 55.74%) that day, but only scored 3 points (attack success rate 22.22%) in the 4th set. Outside heater Jeong Ji-seok also scored a total of 7 points (attack success rate 23.08%). Jeong Ji-seok was replaced at the beginning of the 4th set and did not play in the 5th set.

 Coach Kim said, “Lincoln always did well when he was with us. I have been training to block the main course with Na Gyeong-bok and Kim Ji-han’s high blocking, and to catch the missing ball with defense in the diagonal.” “The same is true for Jeong Ji-seok and Kwak Seung-seok. Overall, he did well,” he explained.

 It was disappointing that after leading 8-2 in the 4th set, it turned over and went to the 5th set. Korean Air’s Jeong Han-yong and Lee Joon, who were substituted, could not be stopped. Coach Kim said, “Certainly, we had a chance, but the opponent’s (players) composition changed. I told the players to finish with a little more focus, but it seems to have loosened up a little.”

 The Hyundai Capital match on the 19th must also be played without Shin and Lee Sang-hyun. Coach Kim said, “I will prepare calmly. I am trying to prepare with training suitable for Hyundai Capital,” he said, “I will constantly communicate with the coach and discuss improvements.”

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