“He was a sincere player”…’Trainee’ Kim Kwang-seok, Choi Soon-ho cheering for ‘the future’

The teacher I first met on the professional stage in 2002 met at the retirement ceremony in 2023. Both the ‘gift’ who gave the bouquet and the ‘disciple’ who received it were full of emotions. This is the story of Choi Soon-ho, former manager of Pohang Steelers and current general manager of Suwon FC, and Kim Gwang-seok, who are on a new starting line.

Kim Gwang-seok took off the soccer boots he had worn for 20 years after the 2022 season. It was after joining Pohang as a trainee in 2002 and moving to Incheon United in 2021 to digest two seasons. On the 22nd, at the Incheon Soccer Stadium, Kim Kwang-seok’s retirement ceremony was held prior to the 8th round match against Suwon FC, and Choi gave him a bouquet of flowers to congratulate him and cheered for a new start.

Director Choi, who met with this magazine at halftime, said, “The timing (retirement ceremony) seems to be very good. I had a phone call (with Kim Kwang-seok) a few days ago. He said he would like to receive a bouquet of flowers from me when he comes. This kind of thing is rare, but it felt really good.”

Director Choi, who was coach of Pohang, greatly bought Kim Gwang-seok’s future at the time. He started playing football in his freshman year of high school, and although his pitch was short, he noticed his basic speed and physicality. Kim Gwang-seok kept the ground for 20 years with a lot of effort, and established himself as a legend representing the K-League by playing 451 games.

Director Choi, who recalled Kim Kwang-seok during his trainee days, said, “It has already been 20 years. When he joined Pohang, he was not a regular player. He was a trainee, and although he was technically lacking, his physical condition and speed were good. He looked back, saying, “After training, he seemed to have potential, so I decided to appoint him quickly.”

Director Choi took the Pohang helm again from 2000 to 2004 and from 2016 to 2019. He said, “I had a hard time and had a slump, but I didn’t think I would last this long,” he said. “He is a very sincere player. He said he didn’t think it would be that long either. It held up well. When I came back to Pohang, he became a veteran among veterans.”

It’s just a heartfelt heart.토토사이트 Director Choi said, “Last year, when he was at the crossroads of his retirement, we talked for a long time. I think if I had been in Pohang a little longer or if Kwang-seok had played a little longer, I would have been able to retire from the same team.” Said it would help. I will do well,” he said, cheering for Kim Gwang-seok’s future.

Kim Gwang-seok brought tears to his eyes at his retirement ceremony. After introducing himself, “I am Kim Kwang-seok, who fought on the ground for 20 years,” he said, “Thank you for commemorating a player who is nothing. I hope he remembers the number 3 as a pleasant number.”

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