He is the protagonist of the WC semifinal miracle… Discharge imminent → Reunion of former teacher is likely

Ziyech is already in his third year at Chelsea. Ziyech, who had previously stated that he wanted a new challenge, confirmed his move to Chelsea even before the end of the season, and left Ajax to join Chelsea ahead of the 2020-21 season. Fans’ expectations for him were quite high, as Ziyech played for Ajax and performed outstandingly, such as sharing the team’s UEFA Champions League (UCL) semifinal blast.

However, his performance was disappointing compared to his expectations. Although Ziyech showed his sharp left-footed kicking ability a few times, he had a difficult season to say that he left an impression overall. Last season, the second year of the English Premier League (EPL), he was no different. Ziyech gave up his starting position to other players and became a bench resource, and was expected to leave Chelsea, with rumors of a transfer coming out two years after he moved to Chelsea.

Contrary to expectations, Ziyech remained with the team and participated in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar with Chelsea. 메이저사이트 Wearing the Moroccan national team uniform, Ziyech was completely different from Chelsea’s Ziyech. Ziyeh spent the best month in Qatar, playing an active role as a key player in Morocco’s first World Cup semifinal miracle. Even after the World Cup is over, Ziyech is continuing his decent performance at Chelsea.

Nevertheless, the breakup is predicted. Right now, Ziyech is getting a chance as Chelsea’s strikers are out due to injuries, but if the players return, Ziyech is likely to sit on the bench again. As a result, a number of EPL teams are showing interest in Ziyech, and among them, Everton, who has coach Frank Lampard, who brought Ziyech to Chelsea, is known to be included in the list.

The British ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Chelsea must decide whether to send Ziyech within this month, and Everton is one of the clubs showing interest in Ziyech. AS Roma is also watching Ziyech’s situation in the winter transfer window. It is known,” he said.

The problem is Ziyech’s will. In particular, in the case of Everton, it is a team that is currently located in the relegation zone and is competing for relegation. No matter how bad Chelsea’s current situation is, a move to a relegation zone is unlikely to be an attractive option from a player’s point of view.

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