Han Dong-hee, who ranked 63rd in batting average among 64 players who filled the required at bats, Sutton Lotte manager’s diagnosis, “Think of everything as simple”

Lotte Giants infielder Han Dong-hee (24) was chosen as the “successor” to fill the vacancy of retired Lee Dae-ho. He joined in 2018 with the first nomination and steadily stepped up to grow.

From 2020, when he became the starting pitcher, to last year, he hit double-digit homers every year for three years. In this span, he hit 48 home runs and 201 RBI. Last season, he participated in 129 games and posted a batting average of 307 (140 hits in 456 at-bats), 14 home runs and 65 RBIs.

Is it because the burden has increased? It was sluggish at the beginning of this season when Lee Dae-ho left. As of the 25th, he has appeared in 17 games and posted a batting average of 1.5 (9 hits in 60 at-bats), 2 homers and 8 RBIs. Even though he’s been coming back to life lately, it’s still below his expectations.

As of the 24th, he is 63rd in batting average among 64 batters who have filled the required at-bats.

On the 25th, Lotte coach Larry Sutton talked about mentality under the premise that ‘the player himself would know best’. He said, “Baseball is a very mental sport. When the batter’s cycle is a bit bad, he thinks a lot. More thoughts mean that his thoughts at the plate become more complicated.”

If you don’t pass wisely when the cycle comes down, it’s a series of vicious cycles. If you look at the whole season, the feeling of hitting will inevitably go up and down. Management is important when things go wrong.

Han Dong-hee, who started 4 times before the opening match, went down to the bottom batting order as the batting slump continued.

Director Sutton said, “To have a good concert, you need to organize your thoughts. I hope you approach everything simply and simply.”

This is a simple and clear advice from the director.

Director Sirt continued, “When the condition is really good, the baseball looks big like a beach volleyball. You can consistently make stronger hits. Conversely, when the cycle is bad, all situations pass quickly.” It means you can’t afford to deal with it.토토사이트

Han Dong-hee is the main player of the Giants who has been verified over the past three years. Slough passes someday. Timing is only an issue.

When will Han Dong-hee’s time come?

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