Gwangju, a virtuous cycle of ‘performance-audience-sponsor’ blows

A warm wind is blowing in Gwangju FC, which announced a new vision for the 2023 season and pledged to take a new leap forward 


With the start of this season, Gwangju promised fans that they would lead change and innovation with the value of ‘Gwangju FC, trusted by citizens and loved by fans’.

In addition, four major promotion strategies were set: ▲ unified organizational system ▲ expansion of team discretion and improvement of management method to attract corporate sponsorship ▲ formation of public consensus and pursuit of win-win growth ▲ fostering excellent players from local connections. Fans and companies are also opening their hearts and participating in the desperate will.

The biggest change is the audience. Gwangju, which won the K-League 2 last year and returned to the first division, had 7,357 spectators before the home opening game and all seats were sold out.

Not only that. A total of 28,175 spectators (average 4,102) visited the stadium during the 7 home games until the 13th round against Daegu on the 13th, already exceeding the total number of spectators (26,154) in last year’s 20 home games.

What’s even more encouraging is that they are all paying spectators. As the free ticket policy was boldly removed this season, all admission revenues are directly leading to sales. Sales of ticket books and memberships have also increased, with ticket sales alone exceeding 200 million won.

Sponsors are also opening their hearts to the enthusiastic response from the crowd. The club re-signed a main sponsor contract with Kwangju Bank after 5 years since 2018. The amount is also a record high of 3 billion won (1 billion won per year / 3 years until 2025).

Sponsorships from small and medium-sized businesses and local governments followed, with Gwangju Central Hospital, Cheonji Funeral Center, Gaya Ad, and Suwan Hospital promising sponsors. Adding in-kind sponsorship, the amount reaches 2.3 billion won so far. This is a 400% increase compared to last year.

In addition, the number of sponsored houses is steadily increasing, exceeding 60 stores, and the sales of the MD Shop, which opened for the first time this year, are recording 50 million won, exceeding the total income last year.

Lim Geun-hoon,메이저놀이터 head of Gwangju’s business headquarters, said, “It’s a short time, but I’m very happy that all systems are settling into a virtuous cycle structure, with more spectators and more sponsors as citizens are fascinated by coach Lee Jung-hyo’s offensive football.” We will present a long-term vision and strive to seek greater changes.”

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