Gold bars under the bed, bundles of money in the kimchi container… Kyongnam Bank employee who embezzled KRW 138.7 billion

Last month, we reported on a case in which a Kyongnam Bank employee embezzled 50 billion won worth of company money.

The amount of embezzlement revealed by the prosecution when it was handed over to trial today (8th) has more than doubled to 130 billion won.

More than a hundred gold bars and bundles of money were found in this employee’s home.

This is reporter Hwang Hyeon-gyu’s report.


A cloth bag hidden under the bed contained 25 1kg gold bars.

There are a total of 101 gold bars hidden throughout the house.

Bundles of money wrapped in plastic come out of the kimchi container in the refrigerator, and expensive bags and shoes fill the floor.

Money and valuables worth 14.7 billion won were found in the house.

All of them came from the officetel of Mr. Lee, head of the investment banking department at Kyongnam Bank.

The amount of embezzlement revealed by the 스포츠토토prosecution when sending Mr. Lee to trial was 138.7 billion won over 7 years.

It is more than twice the amount of embezzlement known during the Financial Supervisory Service’s inspection last month, which amounted to 56 billion won.

Mr. Lee was in charge of consulting and managing PF loans for real estate developers, and was found to have forged withdrawal slips and loan request forms in an attempt to embezzle money by pretending that the developers had requested loans.

During this process, Mr. Hwang, Mr. Lee’s high school classmate, disguised himself as an employee of the developer and assisted in the crime.

[Mr. Hwang ○○/Suspect on suspicion of ‘Gyeongnam Bank embezzlement’/Voice altered: “(Do you admit to the charge of participating in embezzlement by forging withdrawal slips?) No.”] Mr. Lee was arrested when his crimes, which snowballed over the course of seven years, were discovered

. He even gave up reviewing the warrant himself.

A prosecutor’s official said, “After the first embezzlement, the amount of embezzlement increased as the so-called ‘turnaround’ was done to repay the money.”

Kyongnam Bank estimated the actual amount of damage, excluding some reimbursed amounts, to be around 50 billion won.

The prosecution secured crime damage assets worth 17.3 billion won, including cash and real estate owned by Mr. Lee’s spouse.

The prosecution plans to continue tracking down whether Lee’s family and his accomplice, Hwang, have hidden assets.

This is Hwang Hyeon-gyu from KBS News.

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