‘Future MVP’ Rutchman, ‘Campden Yards Enthusiasm’ for the first time in his life

Adley Luchman (25, Baltimore Orioles), who is called the future MVP, led the team to victory by hitting the first walk-off home run in his personal career.

Baltimore had a home game against the Oakland Athletics at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland, USA on the 14th (Korean time).

Rutchman started as Baltimore’s number 2 catcher that day, and recorded no hits in 4 at-bats in the first 4 at-bats, leaving regret. He also missed a chance with two outs loaded in the second inning.

However, Luchman shined the most at the decisive moment. In the ninth inning, where the score was 7-7, Rutchman hit Trevor May (34) with one run over the right-middle fence.

A walk-off home run at the crucial moment. As a result, Camden Yards, the home stadium of Baltimore, turned into a crucible of enthusiasm, and teammates greatly welcomed the touchman who stepped on the home.

This home run was Rutchman’s 4th of the season and 17th of his career in the major leagues. It was also recorded as the first run-off home run by a runner in the major leagues as well as during his amateur days.

Rutchman, a sophomore in the major leagues, finished second in the American League Rookie of the Year voting last year with 13 home runs and an OPS of 0.806, and has been showing outstanding performance from the beginning of this season.

In 13 games of the season until this day, Rutchman recorded a batting average of 0.373, 4 homers, 9 RBIs, 9 runs, 19 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.467 OPS of 1.094. 9 walks and 9 strikeouts.

In addition, Rouchman is showing an excellent appearance in defense. He seems to be performing well in terms of hitting accuracy,온라인바카라 power, throwing, and defense.

As a result, Lutchman suddenly became the present in Baltimore’s future. Rutchman is playing an active role as a future MVP candidate.

Meanwhile, Felix Batista (28), who blocked Auckland’s 9th inning scoreless, took the win, and May, who hit a walk-off home run, took the loss.

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