Full bet of 34 billion won, which quadruples annual salary → ‘Prevent Liverpool from going’… ‘Failed to lose 12 consecutive games’ The best treatment as much as the ‘winner’ → EPL of prestigious clubs

English Premier League Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp announced his resignation last month. He announced that he would lay down the baton by himself after the end of this season, shocking Liverpool fans and even Premier League fans. 고수익알바

Of course, Klopp made the announcement in January, a month after making the decision after consulting with the club at the end of last year. The club looked for a successor, and Xavi Alonso, the Bundesliga’s Leverkusen coach, was immediately selected as the top candidate. Alonso is considered the right candidate because he played as a midfielder for Liverpool from 2004 to 2009.

In particular, Alonso made Leverkusen an unbeaten strong team in the Bundesliga this season. Currently, he has 19 wins and 4 draws in 23 league games. Bayern Munich is chasing him, but the championship is almost Leverkusen’s.

Manager Alonso also notified the club that he would leave Leverkusen after this season and was granted permission, so he can move to another team. Not only Liverpool but also Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are expected to participate, drawing attention to his choice. All are the teams Alonso played in when he was active.

Against this backdrop, Bundesliga rival Bayern Munich is said to be making great efforts to recruit Alonso. The Daily Star said on the 25th, “Bayern Munich is ready to quadruple its salary to prevent Xavi Alonso from joining Liverpool.”

Liverpool has been the leader in recruiting Alonso, but Bayern Munich has also decided to recruit him after being impressed by Alonso’s leadership this season. Bayern Munich has already announced that it will replace Thomas Tuchel. He will also lead the team until this season.

Bayern Munich plans to quadruple its salary to recruit Alonso. It is currently 5 million pounds, but media reports say it plans to bet with 20 million pounds.

This is the highest annual salary in Bundesliga history. It is also said to be on the same level as Pep Guardiola, the top manager of the Premier League. You can see how much Bayern Munich wants to recruit Alonso.

Liverpool may give up recruiting Alonso due to the huge contract terms of £20 million a year. Liverpool can’t afford and give up because a bigger bet came in than expected.

Currently, Tuchel is receiving about £10 million, and Bayern Munich is said to have the ability to bet twice as much on Alonso because of Harry Kane. Media analysis shows that Kane is making huge profits after recruiting.

For reference, Klopp, who will leave Anfield at the end of this season, is known to have an annual salary of £15 million. Liverpool can only be recruited if Alonso is paid 30% more than this.

In fact, Alonso is a student of Guardiola, the Manchester City manager. He played for Bayern Munich at the end of his career, and Guardiola was the coach at that time. So Guardiola wanted to bring Alonso as his coach after moving to Manchester City. However, Alonso reportedly refused.

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