“Failure. Cut it now!” ↔ “Talentless talent”… Director Shield Chin, a 24-year-old 144 billion-year-old winger, → Turns out they have a relationship with Ajax

English Premier League Manchester United winger Antony joined Manchester United in September 2022. Originally playing for Ajax in the Netherlands, Manchester United signed him for a transfer fee of £85 million. The contract period was five years until 2027.

Antony’s transfer was a big part of his teacher. Erik ten Hag, who is currently in charge of Manchester United, recruited him, who was playing for his native Brazil team when he was Ajax manager. Ten Hag’s transfer to Manchester United was in late June ahead of the 2022-23 season, and Antony was transferred about two months later.

Wearing a Manchester United uniform with the halo of Ten Hag has been criticized as a “failure” by fans and the media. However, Ten Hag defended Antony by saying, “He is a player with potential. He is not showing that potential at the moment.” Of course, the Daily Star reported on Saturday that he issued a warning to Antony.

Fans and experts concluded that Antony has been sluggish for the past one-and-a-half seasons in Manchester United’s uniform. He has not scored a single goal this season, and so far, he has scored only eight goals in total.

As a result, Ten Hag cannot deny what experts have pointed out. Ten Hag agrees that Antony is unable to pay the ransom. However, Ten Hag argues that Antony’s ability to reverse this negative assessment.

In fact, fans had high expectations even when Antony wore the Manchester United uniform. Fans expected Antony to play well as he scored his debut goal in his Manchester United debut match against Arsenal and contributed to the 3-1 victory 노래방알바.

Is he disappointed due to high expectations? Antony has not displayed remarkable performance since then. He has yet to score a single goal or assist in 19 Premier League matches this season. Experts say it is a failure because of its unbelievable performance.

However, coach Ten Hag emphasized, “Antony has to prove himself what he can do. But he has great potential. He hasn’t been able to show that lately, but I know what his talent is.” Although he is currently sluggish, he clearly expressed a strong belief that the day will come when his talent will be displayed.

As Antony is backed by Ten Hag, the media predicted that although his performance is not good enough, he will have the opportunity to continue playing for the club. However, the club will not stand by. It is predicted that the club may instruct to deploy a striker to replace Antony. In fact, Antony has played only one Premier League game in both the first and second half of this season. This proves that Ten Hag is also paying attention.

“Antony will have more opportunities going forward. But he has competitors in the team. Antony has to show his talent. So do the other players,” Ten Hag said. “21-year-old Ahmad Diallo has been in good form in training as he returned from injury. 19-year-old Omari Fawson is also doing well. So we have the option to fill Antony’s spot.” If Antony fails to show his talent, Ten Hag will have no choice but to play a substitute card.

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