Even in the humiliation of ‘death after taking office’… Chelsea, stay with Lampard until the end of the season

Even with the worst grades, the term is expected to be filled.

British media ‘Evening Standard’ reported on the 3rd (Korean time), “Director Frank Lampard will be with Chelsea until the end of the season. Chelsea will appoint an official manager this summer.”

It’s an eventful season. Chelsea have been struggling since the appointment of Todd Boelli as chairman. There have already been two coach changes. Chairman Boelli sacked head coach Thomas Tuchel after taking full power. Graham Porter, who he brought in himself, stepped down as Chelsea manager after less than seven months.

Huge investment is worthless. Chelsea spent 600 million pounds (about 1 trillion won) in two transfer windows. Enzo Fernandez (22) was brought in for the highest transfer fee in Premier League history. In the recruitment of Mihailo Mudrik (21), 100 million euros (approximately 147.5 billion won) was invested to win the competition with Arsenal.

Even under the coaching system of Lampard, who was nominated as a firefighter, he could hardly use his strength. After Lampard took office, Chelsea fell into a six-game losing streak. On the 3rd, Arsenal in the Premier League also lost 1-3.

The numbers are also the worst. After Lampard took over, Chelsea scored two goals and conceded 12 points. Both offense and defense received failing grades. The rankings plummeted. They fell to 12th place behind Fulham and Crystal Palace. It is 9 points behind Nottingham Forest in the relegation zone.

Despite the unprecedented sluggish performance, there is no prospect of a third manager change. The ‘Evening Standard’ nailed it, saying, “Chelsea will be with Lampard until the end of this season. An official manager will arrive in the summer.”먹튀검증

The behind-the-scenes work on appointing the next director is already underway. According to the media, former Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino takes the helm at Chelsea. He is familiar with the English stage as he has previously managed Tottenham Hotspur and Southampton. It is also well known as the gift of Son Heung-min (30, Tottenham).

The media added, “Chelsea co-owners Boelli and Bedard Eggvale met last weekend in Los Angeles to discuss the appointment of Pochettino as manager.”

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