EPL rich club joins Kim Min-jae competition → ‘Man United, concerns about hijacking’

 Newcastle United, which has succeeded in participating in the UEFA Champions League for the first time in 21 years, is likely to compete with Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Man United) to recruit Kim Min-jae.

The British Express said on the 28th (Korean time), ‘Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Manchester United has become suspicious due to the appearance of a rival club in the Premier League. Napoli are preparing to transfer Kim Min-jae to a club offering a larger fee, and Manchester United could be hijacked. Min-jae Kim, who is wanted by Manchester United coach Ten Hag, can move to Newcastle,’ he said.

The media said, ‘Man United manager Ten Hag’s first priority is to recruit a new centre-back. Manager Ten Hagh, who leads Manchester United’s Champions League appearance, has secured player recruitment funds, but the budget of the transfer market may vary depending on whether Sheikh Jassim, chairman of Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), takes over Manchester United.’

In particular, it will be difficult for United to compete with Newcastle, which is owned by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, for transfer fees. Newcastle emphasized that it is a club that has invested more than 220 million pounds (about 360.8 billion won) in player recruitment since it was acquired by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.

The media said, ‘Man United may withdraw from Kim Min-jae’s recruitment. Manchester United are rumored to sign Kim Min-jae, but they can find another player. Manchester United have inquired about Barcelona defender Kunde and have made the first move to sign Kunde,’ he added.

Newcastle, which was acquired by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund in 2021, is evaluated as the club with the most powerful financial power in the Premier League. Newcastle have been limited in signing players due to financial fair play, but with the UEFA Champions League appearances next season, the club’s revenues have increased significantly, and the amount of money they can spend in the transfer market has also increased significantly. Newcastle are expected to aggressively sign players in the transfer market this summer.먹튀검증

Manchester United is a club with a high possibility of signing Kim Min-jae. Italian media Corriere delos Sport said on the 25th (Korean time), ‘Kim Min-jae has already been sold to Manchester United. Manchester United will pay Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount, which will take effect from July. Kim Min-jae said he would wait for the buyout clause to be triggered and he would leave for Manchester. England’s The Sun said, “Man United are desperate to confirm the signing of Kim Min-jae before the buyout clause goes into effect.” In addition, Italian media Ilmatino said, “Man Utd agreed to pay Kim Min-jae an annual salary of 9 million euros (approximately 12.8 billion won) and will pay Napoli 65 million euros (approximately 92.3 billion won) as a transfer fee.” Divined.

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