Emerging powerhouse’ Gangneung High School and ‘prestigious baseball’ Deoksu High School collide… The confrontation between the masters is also interesting

We finally came to the final stage. Gangneung High School and Deoksu High School compete for the throne.

Gangneung High School and Deoksu High School will face each other in the final of the ‘2nd Shinsegae E-Mart Cup’ National High School Baseball Championship at Incheon SSG Landers Field on the 11th. In this tournament, where 93 teams participated, the largest ever, the two teams defeated strong players one after another and stood at the top of the table.

There is also a large prize money awarded in this tournament. Sponsored by Shinsegae E-Mart, the winning team will receive a total of 100 million won worth of prize money and prizes (pitching machine, baseball equipment), and 3 million won worth of baseball equipment will be provided to the best performance award-winning teams.

◆ Gangneung High School, an emerging powerhouse vs. Deoksu High School, a prestigious baseball team, Gangneung

High School stood tall as an emerging powerhouse after Choi Jae-ho took over as head coach in 2016. Located in Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, Gangneung High School opened its baseball department in 1975. Gangwon-do was virtually barren for baseball, but Gangneung High School made a name for itself by winning the 2020 Presidential Cup and the 2021 Golden Lion after finishing runner-up in the Blue Dragon and Phoenix in 2019.

A lot of players have joined the pros. Kim Jin-wook, Kim Se-min, Cho Gyeong-min (Lotte), Choi Ji-min, Hong Jong-pyo, Kim Seon-woo (KIA Tigers), Cha Dong-young, Seo Jang-min (Samsung), Lim Seong-jun (SSG Landers) wore professional uniforms.

Deoksu High School is considered the most prestigious high school in Korean baseball. Since its establishment in 1980, Seoul-based Deoksu High School has reached the top of high school baseball 19 times (6 Blue Dragon, 6 Golden Lion, 3 Phoenix, 2 Presidential Cup, 2 Korea Baseball Association Janggi). The last win is the 2021 phoenix. At that time, Deoksu High School stood at the top with Shim Jun-seok at the forefront. The last championship of the Association, which can be said to be the predecessor of E-Mart Bae, is in 2020.

Deoksu High School reigned as a strong player for a long time. The face of the players who have been released so far is also splendid. Professional players such as Lee Yong-gyu, Kim Jae-woong, Jang Jae-young (Lee Sang Kiwoom Heroes), Eom Sang-baek (kt Wiz), Yang Chang-seop (Samsung Lions), Na Seung-yeop, and Han Tae-yang (Lotte Giants) are from Deoksu High School.

◆ High school baseball masters’ battle of resourcefulness, that’s why it’s interesting

Two schools led by the best captains in high school baseball face each other. The battle of resourcefulness between the masters is also a point to watch. Gangneung High School coach Choi Jae-ho has the nickname of ‘the winning contractor’. After being appointed as the coach of the baseball team at Baejae High School, he went through Deoksu High School and Shinil High School and took the baton at Gangneung High School in 2016. Coach Choi stood at the top nine times in his career, including leading Gangneung High School to the Golden Lion Championship in 2020.

In fact, even in this competition, Gangneung High School was not considered as a candidate for the championship. Even in a survey conducted by Spotify News on scouts from 10 KBO league teams right before the opening, Gangneung High School did not receive a single vote. This is because it fell behind in objective power. However, Gangneung High School created a sensation and won a ticket to the final by beating Jangchung High School, a strong contender for the championship, in the semifinals. It is evaluated that Director Choi’s resourcefulness played a part in this.

Deoksu High School coach Jeong Yun-jin is also a master among masters. Coach Jeong, who started his leadership career as a coach at Deoksu High School in 1994, took the baton in 2007 and has been leading the players for 27 years. His achievements over a long period of time are also splendid. He led Deoksu High School to championships a total of 14 times, including national high school baseball competitions such as the Golden Lion Flag, Blue Dragon Flag, President’s Boat, Phoenix Waiting, and Association Janggi, as well as national sports games.

Deoksu High School, which stopped being a military officer last year. This year, we prepared more thoroughly than ever before. Dae Jin-woon followed suit, but Deoksu High School was not vigilant. In particular, it is evaluated that the efforts of Deoksu High School saw the light in a crisis situation.

◆ Kangneung High School without an ace, three musketeers on the mound Deoksoo

High School Gangneung High School’s one-two punch is the core of the mound. However, we cannot see the two players pitching in the final stage. Yuk Cheong-myeong did not run in the E-Mart Cup due to poor physical condition. Cho Dae-hyun struggled to keep the mound at Gangneung High School, but in the semifinal against Jangchung High School, he recorded 82 pitches in 5 innings. The high school baseball tournament has a youth player protection and injury prevention system. In other words, Cho Dae-hyun cannot play in the final.

Gangneung High School has lowered the height of the mound due to the missing one-two punch. However, Cho Dae-hyun is expected to lead the attack in the other line. Cho Dae-hyun also performed outstandingly as a hitter. He is 12-for-23 with a batting average of 0.522, a slugging percentage of 0.759, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 1.310 in six games this season.

Catcher Lee Yul-ye’s performance is also expected. Based on his strong shoulder, he demonstrates excellent base stealing ability. Deoksu High has a lot of fast hitters, and the flow of the game can change depending on how well Lee Yul-ye blocks opponent runners. In addition, shortstop Lee Chan-seo and center fielder Choi Min-ho are expected to play an active role.

Deoksu High School’s three pitchers, Lee Jong-ho, Kim Seung-jun, and Jung Hyun-woo, will all sortie for the final. Jongho Lee is Deoksoo High School’s ‘Mr. Zero’. He has been active with stable breaking ball control, recording an average ERA of 0.00 with 1 win in 14⅓ innings in 5 games this year. Kim Seung-jun (4 games, 13 innings, 1 win, 1 win average ERA) and Jung Hyun-woo (4 games, 12⅓ innings, 22 strikeouts, 1.50 ERA) have blocked the opponent’s batting line by eliminating strikeouts. All of them are not subject to the pitch limit, so they will go to the Gangneung Classic.

On the other line,스포츠토토 batsmen Baek Jun-seo and Park Jun-soon swung hard throughout the tournament. In 6 games, Baek Jun-seo went 17 at-bats, 7 RBIs, 2 steals, batting average of 0.588, slugging percentage, 0.824, OPS 1.433, and played a key role in the batting line.

Meanwhile, the E-Mart Cup finals, which are compressed with a single-wooden bridge confrontation between Gangneung High School and Deoksu High School, will be broadcast live on SPOTV and SPOTV NOW.

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