Director Eun Hee-seok’s wish for ‘Samsung’s future’ Lee Won-seok, “To grow step by step without injury…”

Lee Won-seok is the present and the future who will firmly protect Samsung’s goal.

Lee Won-seok (206cm, C) debuted as the first pick in the 2021-2022 KBL rookie draft. His greatest strength is that despite his height, he has fast speed and outside skills. Also, he was younger than the other players as he came out early after finishing his freshman year of college. This is the reason Lee Won-seok was able to be selected as the 1st overall pick.메이저놀이터

As many expectations were gathered, Lee Won-seok received many opportunities. From his debut season, he played 52 games and averaged 21 minutes, averaging 8.6 points and 4.1 rebounds. He was responsible for the height of the team with his performance like Altoran.

Lee Won-seok, who spent his second season like that, has grown a step further. There were also internal changes. Coach Eun Hee-seok, who taught Lee Won-seok, who was a college student, was appointed as the team’s new command tower. That’s how Lee Won-seok showed his growth in the second year.

Although he only appeared in 39 matches due to injury, he showed a solid presence in the air defense. As a result, he averaged 9.5 points and 6.1 rebounds in 39 appearances. His scoring average was 5th on the team and his rebounding average was the highest among domestic players on the team. Even in his second year, he has established himself as the center of the team.

Director Eun, who is guiding Lee Won-seok on the professional stage following the university stage, said, “(Lee) Won-seok came to the professional stage after finishing his first year. He was as young as Early. Among the early players, there are some players like (Song) Gyochang-i who are noticed from the beginning and run, but most of them build up their bodies and do not play much. In that sense, Won-seok played a lot of games from the beginning. This is the reason Won-seok was able to grow quickly,” he said about Won-seok Lee.

He continued, “But time has passed and I can’t say I’m young now. Now, Won-seok’s motives also appear on the show. Now I have to show a more certain presence,” he said, conveying his affectionate sincerity toward his disciple.

And “Wonseok is available both inside and outside. He is fast for his height and has good skills. It would be nice if he could focus on space and score more outside points. If Won-Seok wants to develop further, he needs to shoot 3-point and mid-range. I focus on that part and teach,” he said, emphasizing Lee Won-seok’s outside scoring.

Coach Eun, who emphasized Lee Won-seok’s outside scoring, said, “Foreign players are looking for players who have good grip under the net so that Won-seok can play better outside. Of course, the most important thing is to have good overall skills. (Laughter) It’s because foreign players do more than the basics when you look at strong teams. If you do that and help Won-seok grow, it’s the icing on the cake,” explained the type of foreign player coach Eun wants.

This is Lee Won-seok, who played a big role in and out of the field last season. But injuries caught him off guard. That’s why director Eun said, “Won-seok works really hard. However, last season was plagued by injuries. I hope I can prepare for that part again and play healthy,” he said, emphasizing injury prevention.

Lee Won-seok’s draft motive is Ha Yoon-gi (204cm, C). Ha Yun-ki played in 51 games last season and recorded an average of 15.3 points, 6.4 rebounds and 1.6 assists, growing into the best big man in Korea. Ha Yun-ki, who was recognized for his performance, was also awarded the Skill Development Award. As the draft motive and the same position, the competition between the two players will continue.

In response, coach Eun said, “I think (Ha) Yoongi has grown two more stages after being selected as a national representative. Age also has more luster. So we can go further. But I hope you don’t fret about it. If you’re a professional athlete, you won’t be able to see your competitors get ahead of you. Then he just has to try harder to catch it. For now, it is important to grow step by step.”

In the next season, Lee Won-seok will be in his third year. Lee Won-seok, who practiced harder than anyone else in the off-season, showed clear improvement in the regular season. In the next season, it is noteworthy what kind of activity Lee Won-seok will make basketball fans happy.

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