Diagnosis of lymphoma → failure to participate in WBC → focus on recovery… Finally, the big league ‘115SV’ pitcher returns

Chicago White Sox closer Liam Hendricks, who overcame cancer, returns to the field.

The White Sox announced the return of Hendricks on the 29th (Korean time), and MLB.com, the official website of the major leagues, said, “Hendricks will join the team on the 30th in time for a three-game series against the Los Angeles Angels.”스포츠토토

Hendricks was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, in January. The Australian national team ahead of the WBC had to build a mound without Hendrix, and the player himself expressed regret.

It is the same that the White Sox were saddened by Hendricks’ cancer battle. At the time the news broke, White Sox general manager Rick Hahn said, “We convey our thoughts and feelings about him as a person, not as a baseball player.” I will support and support Christie.”

Hendricks, who said he was confident of returning to the mound, devoted himself to recovery for a while and gradually raised his senses through his training. Thanks to his rapid recovery, he was even judged to be cured on the 22nd of last month, and from the beginning of this month, he entered into actual combat mode and announced that his return was imminent. 

On the 26th, manager Pedro Grifol said, “I will prepare for his return so that he can be the Liam Hendrix that we all want him to be.”

Hendricks, who debuted in the big leagues in 2011, recorded an average ERA of 3.81 in 471 major league games, 645 innings, 31 wins, 34 losses, 42 holds, and 115 saves. Marked.

After the 2020 season, he signed a 3+1 year contract with the Chicago White Sox for $54 million, and achieved 30 saves for two consecutive years, including the first year of the transfer.

Currently, the White Sox are 22-33 (0.400), 4th in the Central Division of the American League, and Hendricks’ addition is expected to be a great boost to the White Sox mound.

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