‘Destroy the Futures League’ Lotte Yoon Dong-hee, the finish line pushed out in the first game after returning to the 1st team

“Director Sutton, I’m there too!!”

Outfielder Yoon Dong-hee (20), a sophomore in the professional baseball Lotte Giants, showed off his presence by creating a winning goal in his first team game this season. After showing a fierce blow in the Futures League (second team) this season, Yoon Dong-hee predicted an active performance in the first team by producing the finish line in the first team reporting game.

Lotte won a 5-3 come-from-behind victory in the third game of the season against the NC Dinos of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at NC Park in Changwon on the 23rd. Lotte ran the season’s first 4 consecutive wins with a ‘sweeping win’ in 3 consecutive away games against NC, the first ‘Nakdong River Derby’ this season. Lotte raised the team rankings to fourth place alone with 10 wins and 8 losses.

Lotte continued its frustrating attack in the game that day, being blocked by NC starter Lee Yong-jun’s pitch and unable to produce a single hit. Lotte was attacked in the beginning of the ninth inning, falling behind by 0-3 and 3 points, even from NC pitcher Kim Jin-ho and Lim Jeong-ho, who came up next.

In the beginning of the ninth inning, Lotte scored consecutive hits on NC finisher Lee Yong-chan and scored 5 points to win 5-3. With consecutive infield hits from lead batters Hwang Seong-bin and Ahn Chi-hong, and Rex’s hit in front of the right fielder, Lotte created a golden opportunity to score safely with the bases loaded. Lotte then succeeded in tying the score 3-3 with Noh Jin-hyuk’s walk and Jeon Jun-woo’s infield hit.

Yoon Dong-hee was hit with the second at-bat in a situation where the bases were loaded with 1 run due to Jung-hoon’s intentional 4 pitches. Yoon Dong-hee came out as a pinch hitter to batter Kim Min-seok in the 8th inning and scored his first hit of the season with a hit in front of right fielder, raising the sense of hitting. Yoon Dong-hee calmly picked the ball against NC veteran pitcher Lee Yong-chan and completed a push walk. With Yoon Dong-hee’s push-off walk, Lotte succeeded in reversing the game 4-3. Lotte later added Hwang Seong-bin’s additional RBI and finished the ninth inning with a score of 5-3. After that, Kim Sang-soo, the finisher, calmed the NC lineup without conceding, and Lotte completed a 5-3, pleasant come-from-behind victory.

Lotte coach Larry Sutton included Yoon Dong-hee in the first-team roster before the game on the 23rd. Coach Sutton confirmed the potential of Yoon Dong-hee, who was wielding a strong hit in the Futures League, to play in the first team and introduced him as a pinch hitter. In 10 futures league games this season, Yoon Dong-hee swung a batting average of 0.436 (17 hits in 39 at-bats, 4 doubles), 11 RBIs and 1 home run. Yoon Dong-hee continued his good hitting feeling by recording hits in all games he played.

Yoon Dong-hee swung 4 hits and 3 RBIs in 5 at-bats in the match against the Samsung Lions Futures team held on the 18th, and also recorded 3 hits and 3 RBIs in 5 at-bats in the match against the NC Dinos Futures team on the 12th. In his last 21 games, he also reported his first home run in the Futures League.

Yoon Dong-hee is a second-year player selected by Lotte in the 24th overall in the 3rd round in the 2022 KBO League Rookie Draft. Yoon Dong-hee, who was a former infielder, moved to an outfielder after consulting with the Lotte coaches.메이저놀이터 Yoon Dong-hee also participated in the Lotte Overseas Spring Camp this season and accumulated valuable experience.

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