‘Debut goal before WC debut’ Baek Seung-ho “Going gave me honor and confidence”

Baek Seung-ho (25), who made a strong impression by scoring the Wonder Goal on the first World Cup stage in his life, gave his impressions. 

Baek Seung-ho attended a press conference held at the Jeonbuk Hyundai Clubhouse on the 12th and revealed his determination ahead of the 2023 season.  카지노

Baek Seung-ho said, “I didn’t win the league last year, but a lot of good players came in. I want to win more than last year. Personally, I want to accumulate more attack points.”

Baek Seung-ho made his World Cup debut as a substitute in the second half of the 2022 Qatar World Cup against Brazil in the round of 16, which was down 0-4. 

Baek Seung-ho shook the net with a powerful left-footed mid-range shot from outside the penalty box after a corner kick in the 31st minute of the second half.

It was a refreshing goal against world-class goalkeeper Alisson Becquer (Liverpool). This goal was so wonderful that it was nominated for the best goal selected by FIFA (International Football Federation) after the tournament.  

Baek Seung-ho said, “It was an honor just to go to the World Cup. After missing his first three games, he decided to set a new goal and worked out day by day. Other than me, the players who couldn’t run prepared well together.” Thanks to him, he gained confidence. Based on this, I want to prepare well for this season.”

Baek Seung-ho, who left an impact on the first World Cup stage in his life, prepares for the 2023 season with confidence. Jeonbuk will start field training in Barcelona, ​​Spain on the 16th. 

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