Day One disappeared into history after one season of ‘There is no more impressive carrot’

 Day One disappeared into history after one season.

On the 16th, at 7:00 am, 메이저사이트KBL held board meetings and general meetings at the KBL Center in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, and expelled Goyang Day One Sports from its member companies. It was a predictable move. For the first time in KBL history, Day1, who had broken his promise due to continued self-sufficiency, was expelled.

Day One acquired Goyang Orion last year and jumped into the basketball world. He appointed ‘Basketball President’ Heo Jae as CEO, and brought in coach Kim Seung-gi, who led Anyang KGC to win. In addition, KBL’s best shooter Jeon Seong-hyun was recruited to reinforce his power. Carrot Insurance took over as the naming sponsor and held a grand opening ceremony under the name of Goyang Carrot.

However, even before the league opened, it creaked. The payment of 500 million won in the first KBL subscription fee has been delayed. Fortunately, I paid 500 million won right before the opening, but I couldn’t avoid suspicion. Day One’s financial capabilities were questioned.

It didn’t take long for his doubt to turn to conviction. Day One has not been able to pay salaries for the players since January of this year. It has also been revealed that the club secretariat and coaching staff have not been paid their salaries on time since last year. Support in terms of life was also not working properly. The second subscription fee of 1 billion won was also barely paid and the season continued.

Still, Carrot did well. Overturning the expectation of staying in the bottom ranks, they advanced to the playoffs by climbing to 5th place in the regular league. In the 6th round playoff, they met Ulsan Hyundai Mobis and won a ticket to the 4th round playoff after a bloody battle that went to the 5th game. Fans even nicknamed Carrot, who showed fighting spirit even in difficult situations, ‘Impressive Carrot’.

However, even after the end of the season, Day One could not solve the self-sufficiency problem. He tried to find a new naming sponsor by working with the city of Busan, but the debt was too much. In the end, he was expelled on June 15 and disappeared into history after just one season.

With Day One disappearing after one season, you can no longer see Impressive Carrot. However, we must not forget the fighting spirit of coach Kim Seung-gi and the players who advanced to the semi-final playoffs even in difficult circumstances. KBL decided to protect all 18 players, and plans to discuss follow-up measures

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