Controversial sidelong glance at the judge, the pitcher who was hit with a home run said, “I read the pitching motion.”

Amid controversy over New York Yankees hitter Aaron Judge’s side-eye, the pitcher who faced him admitted his mistake.

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Jay Jackson spoke about the situation at the time, saying in an interview with ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 18th (Korean time), “I heard that my pitching motion was read in that situation.”

Jackson struck out the first two batters in the 8th inning of the home game against the New York Yankees at Rogers Center on the 16th, 0-6, but allowed a home run to Judge.

At the time, the scene of Judge turning his eyes toward the dugout right before the match with Jackson was captured on the broadcast screen, causing controversy. Judge said he looked up to his teammates in the dugout to keep them quiet, but suspicions were raised that he might have been tipped off to something either by the dugout or by the first base coach.

Sign stealing by a second base runner or base coach, not through electronic devices such as cameras, is an acceptable behavior in the major leagues. That’s why the Yankees are also in the mood to go over this without any special punishment. Toronto pointed out the positions of the Yankees’ first and third base coaches. In the game on the 17th, there was a light war of nerves between the coaches of both teams in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Toronto pitcher acknowledged the so-called ‘tipping’. He said, “I tend to move a little faster when I throw a fastball in the process of the glove coming down from the head to the pelvis from the set position. The opponent seems to have caught this,” he said, saying that the difference in pitching motion was read.스포츠토토

The Athletic cited Blue Jays sources here, saying Jackson’s grip could have been exposed to the first base coach when he brought the ball close to his ear before throwing. Jackson himself explained that the difference in set position movement was more Kunze than this.

In any case, it is an undeniable fact that the pitch was exposed in the pitching motion.

“I’m just grateful that Judge hit my ball as far as possible,” he said. “If the pitch was exposed, it’s my fault. Above all, you need to throw a little better ball in a 3-2 situation. I threw the ball into the middle,” he admitted his responsibility.

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