Coach Bell’s confidence ahead of the ‘World Cup’ “I’m preparing well in the right direction”

Colin Bell (62), coach of the women’s national soccer team, is steadily preparing for the World Cup. She raised her expectations for the World Cup, saying that now she is going ‘in the right direction’ for the women’s national team.

Coach Bell, who faced reporters at the NFC (National Soccer Team Training Center) in Paju on the 5th, said, “We are preparing well in the right direction. She said in June that she is better prepared when the strongest composed players come in unscathed during final training,” she revealed. 

She has not reached the ‘world’ level yet. However, Bell said she was confident that women’s soccer players were improving. He said, “After I took office, I emphasized physical strength and fitness. In reality, we haven’t reached the top level. If we compare with the data of other national team strong teams and league teams, our national team still has some areas to improve,” he said. can be lifted When you come in at level 5, your chances of winning the World Cup are lower,” she emphasized.

She has a reason to shout ‘stamina’. “I think we are technically second to none,” Bell said. It is packed with strong players and is tactically flexible. No team is afraid of these three things. (But) if we get better physically, what we have will come out a little more effectively,” she explained. 

Belho lost to England (4th), Belgium (19th) and Italy (16th) at the Arnold Clark Cup held in England last February. But Bell saw hope. He said, “It was normal that (the players’) physical condition did not improve because it was not during the season. We were able to beat Belgium and Italy,” he said. “I am satisfied that I showed good performance with a strong will even though it was not in the middle of the season. However, it is regrettable that it did not bring results.” 

Ahead of the World Cup, Belho will play against Zambia in Korea on the 7th and 11th. It is a ‘customized mock test’ in preparation for Morocco, which belongs to the same group in the World Cup. “The most important thing is to win both games,” Bell said. We will also check various tactical elements, but the most important is organization. It is important to develop confidence while bringing results ahead of the first game of the World Cup,” he said. 

However, the participation of Ji So-yeon (Suwon FC Women), the ace, is uncertain. It’s because his ankle isn’t in very good condition.먹튀검증 Coach Bell said, “Ji So-yeon can’t play against Zambia. He expressed his wish, saying, “After starting the training camp in June, I hope that his condition will improve before the World Cup.” According to the soccer team officials, Ji So-yeon will miss the first leg against Zambia. He can’t even guarantee to play in the second game. 

It is a good thing that Jo So-hyun (Tottenham), the core of the midfield, has returned. Cho So-hyun overcame a long injury and wore the Taegeuk mark in 9 months. “He is an important and necessary player,” Bell said. He will of course be used as a midfielder, but he infuses a sense of dynamism and plays a lot, such as penetration and forward play. It will take time to reconcile and adapt after coming in this time, but I am not worried.”

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