Chelsea boss: ‘Musan Ziyech is still an important player’

Chelsea midfielder Ziyech has had a stormy day lately. Chelsea and PSG have reached an agreement on the loan transfer of Ziyech at the end of the transfer window. It was a long negotiation, but in the end the two clubs came to an agreement. It was a lease condition without a full transfer option. Ziyech also passed the medical test. Now Moroccan star Ziyech can leave Chelsea and step on the French Ligue 1 stage as long as the paperwork comes and goes.

However, a problem arose just before the transfer market closed. The papers Chelsea were supposed to send didn’t arrive at PSG. PSG, 카지노사이트 which had to submit documents to the league secretariat by 11:00 pm on the 31st local time, was unable to submit them to the secretariat due to Chelsea’s incomplete documents. It is known that the wrong documents have been sent four times before. As a result, Ziyech’s loan transfer was canceled.

Ziyech, who entered the Premier League stage by leaving Ajax in the Netherlands in July 2020 and transferring to Chelsea, was expected with his sharp left-footed ability. However, he hasn’t been given many opportunities, and this season, he only managed 1 assist in 10 Premier League games. He had a lot of substitutes even then, and his average playing time per game was less than 45 minutes.

Because of this, I pushed for a transfer through this transfer market, but it became a water bubble in Chelsea’s amateurish work. French multiple media outlets such as ‘Requipe’ said, “PSG is angry at Chelsea’s clumsy administrative handling.”

In response, director Porter began to appease him. Director Porter said, “Ziyech is back. He participated in training normally. He is professional and will still be an important player for us.”

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