Charles Barkley “Jordan-Pippen awkward relationship is too bad”

U.S. professional basketball commentator Charles Barkley was heartbroken that Michael Jordan, who was born in 1963, became awkward with Scottie Pippen (59), who was the best combination when he was active.

“I feel sorry that Michael Jordan lost his friendship with Scottie Pippen due to his family’s unsavory affair,” Charles Barkley said on May 2 (Korea time) on “Club Shay Shay” in the U.S.

Club Shay Shay is an Internet broadcast hosted by Shannon Sharpe (56), the 11 best players in the Offense category in the 1990s. ▲Charles Barkley ▲Michael Jordan ▲Scottie Pippen has one thing in common: they were selected as legends to celebrate the 50th and 75th anniversary of the NBA.

Michael Jordan is an all-time basketball player who does not need to explain his skills and commercial skills. On the court, he was closest to Scott Pippen, who won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, and Charles Barkley outside the stadium.

The three players won the gold medal together as members of the dream team of the U.S. national team for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, which will remain in basketball history. Scott Pippen and Charles Barkley also helped each other win the 26th Atlanta Olympics in 1996. They were teammates with the Houston Rockets in the 1999 NBA.

Charles Barkley’s “unbeautiful family drama” refers to Larsa Yonan, 50, who divorced Scottie Pippen in 2021, dating Michael’s son Marcus Jordan, 34, from 2022.

Marcus Jordan and Larsa Yonan appeared together on OTT’s “Peekock” reality program in the U.S. and ran a podcast together starting in 2023. The TV show he appeared with was titled The Traitors, and the Internet broadcast about their relationship was called Separation Anxiety.

Charles Barkley said, “We won the NBA championship six times together. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen must have had a mental connection, almost like blood brothers. But now, let alone brothers… I’m just heartbroken and frustrated,” he said.

Marcus Jordan and Larsa Yonan split in February 2024, but the reunion is said to have not closed yet. When asked by a photojournalist at TMZ last year when his son was in an open relationship, Michael Jordan expressed his burden, saying, “I never acknowledged my relationship (with Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife) as a father.” 메이저사이트

Scott Pippen did not hide his dislike of being called the “best second man in the NBA” who supported Michael Jordan even when he was with the Chicago Bulls. His teamwork was exquisite as a player, but personally, he was very nervous.

An ex-wife, who has been married for 24 years and had four children, appears with Michael Jordan’s son on a reality show called Traitor and talks about her love through a podcast called “Separation Anxiety.” I can guess how Scottie Pippen would have felt.

“There are no winners. There are only losers. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen will never get back to when they were NBA teammates.” – Charles Barkley –

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