Catch Kim Yeon-kyung, the winning and box office success ‘guaranteed check’… Women’s volleyball hot FA market

Increased interest in women’s teams and fans in the direction of the self-proclaimed ‘Volleyball Empress’
Intense competition to recruit each club under the condition of a ‘team capable of winning the integrated championship’

While the 2023 women’s professional volleyball FA (free agent) market is open, each club’s calculations and behind-the-scenes contacts are busy to catch Kim Yeon-kyung (35, outside heater), the biggest fish,’winner guarantee check’.

A total of 20 female FA qualification players announced by the Korea Volleyball Federation on the 9th, and a large number of leading players from 7 clubs, including 5 players such as Park Jung-ah and Bae Yoo-na of the championship winning team Gimcheon Korea Expressway Corporation, appeared in the market. Among them, the player who draws the most attention is by far the ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung.

Kim Yeon-kyung returned to the V-League in the 2022-2023 season and led Incheon Heungkuk Life Insurance, which finished in 6th place the previous year, to first place in the regular league at once. Although she gave up a reverse sweep championship to the championship decision match road construction, her skills are by far the best in the country.

This season’s attack success rate (45.76%), 1st domestic player in scoring (669 points, 5th overall), receiving (8th), and defense (10th) showed a good performance not only in attack but also in defense. She has also been dubbed her ‘box-office check’ as her leadership and synergy with her juniors drove crowds in the clouds.

In this way, Kim Yeon-kyung, who has both her skills and box office performance, revealed “a team that can achieve a unified victory” as the condition of the team she wants first after her V-League award ceremony on the 10th. It is interpreted that she is very sorry that she missed her unified championship this season.

At the same time,온라인카지노 he suggested that the salary could be slightly lower due to the team’s vision and the salary cap. He added that the usual 3 years of his contract would be difficult. In the end, it is interpreted that he is capable of making some concessions (?) for the unified victory he could not achieve.

Kim Yeon-kyung’s transferable teams are compressed into 3-4 teams, including Heungkuk Life Insurance, which he currently belongs to. Heungkuk Life Insurance’s chances of staying are half and half. He has the possibility of remaining as he values ​​loyalty, but there is always the possibility of leaving from the position of seeking change.

Next are corporate teams such as Suwon Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which placed second in the regular league, and GS Caltex, Seoul, which placed fifth. Hyundai E&C was leading this season, but gave up the lead due to a foreign player’s injury and failed to advance to the championship game, but has the strongest power. Moreover, Hyundai E&C is considered a possibility because Kim Yeon-kyung’s position is the most vulnerable.

In addition, Daejeon Korea Ginseng Corp. in 4th place in the regular league and IBK Industrial Bank in Hwaseong in 6th place have possibilities, but it is unknown whether they will satisfy Kim Yeon-kyung’s needs.

On the other hand, there is a high possibility that the careers of other free agents will be decided in line with Kim Yeon-kyung’s decision, so the prospect that his free agent contract decision will not last very long is dominant.

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