Cataclysm before Manchester United acquisition… Qatar ‘9.4 trillion’ ultra-mega-class proposal submitted

The Manchester United takeover battle has changed once again.

Multiple media, including the British ‘BBC’, said on the 17th (Korean time), “Sheikh Jassim, Qatar Bank QIB chairman, has put in an improved offer for the acquisition of Manchester United. A new bid was received by the Lane Group, which is in charge of the sale of Manchester United, on Tuesday morning.” reported that

The takeover of Manchester United, which began in November, is running towards the end. So far, the leading candidates to take over Manchester United are Qatar QIB chairman Jassim and British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe. The more the takeover battle progressed, the more cautiously the expectation that Qatari capital would take over Man Utd.

However, it was at the end of April that these expectations changed 180 degrees. The Lane Group, which is responsible for the sale of Manchester United, set a deadline for the final offer at the end of April, when Ratcliffe’s offer was better than the Qatari capital’s offer.

Although the final list of candidates for the takeover negotiations has not been released, prospects have begun to emerge that Qatari capital may have been pushed to second place because Ratcliffe made a better offer. This is because the Glazer family, the owners of Manchester United, wanted to get as much profit as possible through the sale.

Feeling anxious about this, Qatar QIB chairman Jassim Jassim made an additional offer by raising the acquisition price even higher. At the time of the last final bid, Qatar’s proposal was about 5 billion pounds (about 8.3712 trillion won). The revised proposal is reported to be more than 10% better than the original proposal.

Reporter Ben Jacobs, who works for the US’CBS’, said on his personal SNS, “The Qatar proposal has not been disclosed in detail, but it seems to be about 5.6 billion pounds (approximately 9.3758 trillion won) including the promised investment.” Of course, even this falls short of the £6 billion the Glazer family wants.카지노사이트

If Ratcliffe hears this news and does not make an additional offer, it is expected that the Qatar side will have priority in the club takeover negotiations.

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